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EZ PZ RPG Best ClassThe EZ PZ RPG Best Class can vary with gameplay style, but not that much when compared to other games. For the most part you’ll be able to complete the game just as easily with one as you would with the other. In EZPZ RPG You’ll mostly be auto leveling so the main focus will be speed. In that can the Mage will be the slowest to level according to the high scores list which shows all mages much lower than the rest.

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The Warrior takes the tank roll with it’s high HP that can absorb a lot of damage. This class is probably better suited for new players in that it will be able to take more damage than the others and is much less squishy. It also used heavy hitting melee weapons that can deal big blows to the enemy. Can equip the strongest armor in the game which makes it the best for survivability and tanking damage.


This classes main focus in agility in that it will try to dodge attacks and has a high hit chance. Being able to hit their target more consistently and dodge incoming harm makes up for being on the squishy side. When it come to taking damage this class can get hit hard making leveling in lower areas a must before moving on. Sometimes though it can be better to avoid damage than take every hit especially in multi enemy situations or dealing with bosses.

The use of long ranged weapons also cause it to do less damage to opponents than the Warrior who hits hard with melee stuff. According to the high score list this class does more damage than the Warriors at the same level.


The squishiest of all the class and the best for using skills. The mage will focus on dealing magic damage using the Int stat a lot. This will be the longest to level up and complete the game due to it’s lack of armor. Like just about every other RPG out there this can be expected. It will however deal a dton of damage using MP which is limited, normal attacks are as strong as the others.

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  1. This is so wrong. Hit chance is determined by strength which is the Warriors main stat. Mages level the quickest due to AoE effects. Hunters hit the hardest.

  2. Agreed with Wish

  3. Wow, thought this guide might actually be good. But first page and its already full of errors. Refer to Wish’s comment for the appropriate description of the classes.

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