Apr 152015

EZ PZ RPG BlitzEZ PZ RPG Blitz is a feature that is unlocked when the player reaches VIP level 1. Boss Blitz will let you play through many bosses in succession gaining bigger rewards as you go. Certain VIP levels will have chance of doubling the rewards. For real info check out our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide.


If your wondering how to Blitz your gonna need to spend real money to do so. This can be done in the shop area. The first R2 card will get a player to VIP 2 and will be enough to start blitzing away. Other wise most everything else will be enough to get the player there.

Keep in mind that this can only be done for a player on one server and will have to make a purchase when use a separate server. Whats the point? To make developers rich and make sure you stay out of the elite’s way so they can kill the planet. Don’t thinks so? That because your new here and don’t have a clue, newbie and blind, ridiculous. Get ready for the purge!!! This is the Best Class in EZ PZ RPG according to the masses.

You’ll have a double chance to get extra rewards when playing all the bosses consistently, but wait theirs more. Tired of putting up real content and getting out ranked by spam, then join the club and enjoy blistering traffic by posting nothing.

Google loves nothing, just look at the search engines. Cant find something? That because it’s probably on the second page of search when it should be number one. Who’s number 1? A lier, cheat, government payed spammer, fool and hackers. Why Try?

Jade Helm 15 is a blitz by corrupt employees betraying everything that’s good. I bet there will be big things happening on the side of terror during this scam. A true blitz on the innocent. I have no clue what blitz is to say the least.

All I know is that this blog is consistently out ranked by spam when the truth is here, why? Search is broke or intentionally doesn’t want me winning. This post sucks!!! But I bet it ranks better and gets more traffic than if I told the truth, lets find out!!!!!!!!! The rich rig everything cause there scared of YOU and ME doing whats right!!!!!!!! For much more true info visit our Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide.

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