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EZ PZ RPG Boss AttemptsEZ PZ RPG Boss Attempts are needed to try and defeat the boss to move onto the next area. There is a limit of how many try you get that will recharge over time. I’m not sure how long it takes for Boss attempts to to come back as there doesn’t seem to be a timer anywhere that I can find. They can also be purchased with Gems if your VIP is 1 or more. ON a side not do forget to visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki for related info you might be missing out on.

You seem to only be ably to have a max of 3 at a time with the amount never going over that. You can get 1 free boss attempt when beating a boss in a fight and don’t forget to claim your Gift at Home. It might not be  good idea to use it right away though on the next stage as you probably wont be strong enough to win. You gonna have to increase you level a couple times and hopefully get some better gear.

To maximize the use of attempts so you don’t waste them so much it’s a good idea to look things over first. Check out the Shop to see if they have anything useful like high quality gear and other things you might be interested. Break down Epic and Legendary items at the Smelt to hopefully find some Relics or make your own there. Make sure skills are assigned properly to maximize gain. Healing spells in the beginning are pretty much useless as they will recover less HP than the enemy is dealing wasting the turn.

Check out your Ally and see if they can have their rank increased. You can also raise an allies stats with training some more either before the match or after loosing to prepare for the next try. Other than that your just going to have to wait for your main character to level up some.

These Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide can offer some other tactics that could be useful in the heat of battle and helpful with other features.

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