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EZ PZ RPG Boss Guide FAQ Tips Guild AttemptsAn EZ PZ RPG Boss Guide and FAQ with Tips on Guild, Attempts and more. For a FAQ list of all things EZ PZ RPG related on this website visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide.

Bosses – Every location on the Map has a boss that must be defeat to open up the next location. The key to moving fast through the game is by moving past the obstacles asap. Though after so much time most will be defeated by days of leveling. This action is manual and needs to be done on the Map screen from the Battle area. You’ll need to  tap the Fight Flag next to the desired stage to initiate the bass battle. Now tap the Battle button to view the timer countdown where the fight will be started automatically.

The Warrior seems to  be the Best Class due to his tankiness, though all classes are about the same. Everyone wears the same things except for weapons and skills.

Boss Attempts – You can only face bosses a limited amount of times. Bosses need to be defeated in order to open up the next stage which has more earnings and better equipment. View your remaining attempts on the Battle screen , then choose map and they’ll be at the bottom. Attempts will recharge after awhile with the max being 3 otherwise you can pay with Gems for more. To buy with Gems multiple times you’ll need VIP.

Best practice is to always give the boss a shot when not playing for awhile. First put on all the better gear, then Haste if it might level you up. Now give the boss a go and see how good you do. If it’s really close you might want to try again or upgrade a few items to help out.

Cant Beat Boss? – When you can pass the boss stage there a few things that can be done to improve your chances.

  1. Make sure to Train your Ally, only 15,000g per roll for permanent stat increases. Will give a major advantage in battle.
  2. Understand your skills and use them properly. More DPS might be better than healing. Most skills that do damage and something else are winners.
  3. Check the Shop for good gear.
  4. Purchase items at the Smelt. They are some of the best equipment you’ll find around your current level.

Free Relics – You can get free Relic grade gear by using Epic and Legendary grade stuff. This is very useful for when you lacking in multiple equipment slots. Every relic can have multiple bonuses that to extra special things like more gold drops and absorbing HP. These effect can be transfer to other Relics or combined for having more than 1 bonus on the item. The next tier bonus will require all gear to be at the same Enhance level. At the very least the useless Relics can be used to Absorb, Transfer and Merge stats with Relics you want to keep.

Gift Packs – After every boss is defeated for the first time you’ll receive a Gift Pack award that can be collect at Home. Gems, Valcu and Attempts will be earned upon completion. Though these aren’t much they help sprinkle just a little more revenue in the bank. They are similar to codes.

Guild Boss – The guild boss is needed to open up certain features of the guild. To earn the points necessary you’ll need to recruit people into a guild. This can be done through the Chat function or by making friend by inviting them with requests. Targeting lower level players might have a higher success rate for getting new members.

Trials – Trials are special battles that are unlock when the player reaches level 30. You’ll face many boss type enemies in succession until beating the last one. When finishing a Trial you’ll have the chance to earn Manuals, pages to make Manuals, Epic and Legendary gear. Also one of the few places to earn over leveled gear which give good boosts to multiple stats. Player can wear things that are 10 levels over them. Attempts are also limited on Trials as well.

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