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EZ PZ RPG Codes Cheats Tips GuideBelow are some EZ PZ RPG Codes and Cheats info along with some Tips in Guide form. These cheats and tips can be updated again with more info in the future. Visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide for more related info.

Boss Fights – Don’t be afraid to loose boss fights. They should be attempted multiple time each level. You can get lucky with lots of enemy misses and lots of big critical to win. A bad fight can just be a bad roll on the mechanics of things. A good tip is to use Haste before a boss battle if it levels you up. Gems are pretty easy to come by and it only cost 30 with regular price and 15 gems with the half off sale daily bonus.

Cheats – Unfortunately, cheats don’t compliment the money making stems in place for mobile games. Many of them are free which leave the developers charging in game fees if they wont to make a buck. The more they give away the more money out of their pockets potentially. For this reason you want usually see the same type of cheat as a PC and Console games which are often purchased at a certain cost.

If there were any cheats using them might be hard without the developers permission due to needing an online connection to play. This way they can keep an eye on things that would be out of the ordinary. The good news is that Gems are pretty easy to come by with Gift Packs from leveling and boss fights. VIP is a paid option only so you’ll have to dish out some real money for VIP perks.

Class – There are 3 classes to choose from Warrior, Hunter and Mage. Here is some in depth information on the Best Class.

Codes – Codes are needed to claim Newbie Prizes in the Events section at Home. When you have the correct amount of letters to match one of the 2 codes you’ll get a prize. Entering EZPZ will get you 100 Gems and a # symbol. Entering EZRPG will get you 300 Gems.

You get 4 letters for free when starting EZ PZ RPG for the first time. You may be asking yourself right now, where do I get letters? I haven’t found it yet, I just keep trying to click on everything hoping it might pop up. Check comments below or back in future for update. If I find out how I’ll put them here.

Free Gems – You can get free Gems by winning Arena fight, leveling up, defeating bosses for the first time, daily rewards, developer gifts and probably a few others. Make sure to visit the Gift Packs section at Home for a list of available gifts and goals for ones that are not open yet.

Relics – Relic quality is the best you can get and better than Legendary, though they have the same color with a glowing light around the edges. When viewing a Relics details 3 more option become available on the left and they are Absorb, Transfer and Merge. Absorb consumes other relics to raise the stats of one relic. Transfer moves the special bonus in red letters from one relic to another. Merge combines to single red named bonuses from to items onto one giving it 2.

These are the absolute best items to collect as they can be upgraded on multiple levels even further. The easiest way to acquire Relics is to make them at the Smelt Station at Home. You’ll need to use Craft points from breaking down gear and Cred from Arena and Team Battles.

Training Allies – When training allies knowing which rolls to keep will make a stronger ally. It basically comes down to simple math. If you always choose results that have a higher green value than red then you’ll always make a profit. You should never take something that has more negative than positive as you loose overall in the long run.

For more info check out this Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide.

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  1. ezrpge ezrpgz ezrpgr ezrpgp ezrpg will give you the letter standing at the end of the code

  2. deezpz is another code for silver some gems and such

    Found a few people on reddit

  3. for the #ezrpg letters just go to your pack then items and click a letter and hit swap. It will highlight which reward your at. Longer you wait the bigger the reward. Don’t miss out!!

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