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EZ PZ RPG Codes Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsAn EZ PZ RPG Codes Guides and FAQ along with some Tips, Tricks  and Cheats. If you have any Codes, Tips or Cheats to add feel free to mention them in the comments.

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EZ PZ RPG Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats

Arena – Make sure to use up your limited supply of Arena tickets for Gems, Cred and Honor. Honor and Cred can be spent in the Swap section of the Arena on Jewel bags and Chisels. Chisels will put sockets in gear so that jewels with extra bonuses can be added. These things are essential for later game stages.

Bosses – This short Boss Guide can help get a better understanding on what are bosses and their uses. For the most part they need to be defeated to advance fast in the app. Try to loggin in every couple of days to move to the next stage after beating the boss. Will also help raise the level of gear for more gold and Smelt points/rewards.

Codes – You can find the codes area from the Event tap at Home, then select Newbie Prizes. Here you can use different letters to make a couple variations. Each variation of the letters will offer a different prize. There are only 5 letters E, Z, R, P, G and the # for the sixth enterable letter/symbol. Things can seem complicated and confusing at first with codes, but there is are free gifts hidden here.

To get prizes all you have to do is enter the codes in the box under step 1 into the Enter Code area. Each one can only be entered 1 time. Here are some other codes not listed in the game:

  • ezrpge
  • ezrpgz
  • ezrpgr
  • ezrpgp
  • ezrpgg

Once you have gotten 1 of every letter and type click on any of them in your Pack and select Swap. You’ll be taken to the Swap menu where you can trade them fro prizes of Gems and Gold.

Free Relics – You can get free relic by using Epic and Legendary equipment at the Smelt. You can then combine the unwanted relic that you do want to keep for some much better gear. The processes can take awhile for good item and they will eventually get replaced by higher level stuff. Finding a useful relic skill though can be a tricky thing to do so hold onto the things with good options.

Keys – When buying keys from the Shop try to get the ones that are the most marked down in price. The developers will often have keys that are 90% off. This can be a big savings in Gems when buying in bulk. The Shop is refreshed for free once a day or you’ll have to pay 50 gems which can be risky.

Mail – Don’t forget to check the Mail tap at Home in the upper right corner. It can often hold free gifts and Arena rewards. You’ll there is something in the mail with having to check it all the time by a red symbol that will open on the Home tab.

Moving Skills – Many may not notice but you can easily rearrange skills that are equipped by tapping the green up flag on the right. You will still need to enter the Set Skill area to change them out permanently. The mastery feature is also coming soon which will potentially increase the stats of skills.

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  1. Important to note: BOSS attempts are limited, but are not “used up” if you attempt and are defeated. So keep trying to kill that pesky boss with his Berserk move, it costs nothing if you lose.

  2. How can you get the other days of prizes for swiping #EZRPG? How do you get more #EZRPG?

  3. deezpz is another code

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