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EZ PZ RPG GuildThe EZ PZ RPG Guild is located on the top middle of the Home screen. Once per day you can tap the Sign In button to collect a small gift of exp, tribute, and gold. The experience from the Sign In will go towards your Guild level which is shown at the top of the screen. It can be a helpful little sprinkle to help move ahead slightly faster than the competition. Tribute can be used to purchase jewel bags, chisels, valcu, bronze and silver keys in the Shop. When your done here you might want to visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki for much more related info.

You’ll have to be a leader of your own guild or be ranked deputy in someone elses to unlock the Boss feature. You also need to use boss points to attempt the boss once the feature is available. Boss points can be gotten by taking part in guild events along with hosting them, Old Hill, Eternal War and by defeating map Bosses. All points earned by all members are automatically added to the total which every one shares.

As the lead you will be able to kick players out and promote them to deputy. You can also create notices and set power requirements to join. When your creating one for yourself it might be a good idea to look at the Rank list to have a better idea of what you’ll be getting into and whats expected to be the best.

The best way to get others to join you is to spam invitations in the chat window. Or I suppose you can also try and make relationships with others, at least some basic communication. This will make others feel more open to you and will make them more willing to join. Though there are plenty of others looking for something and anything, so sending constant messages is a great way to fill up fast.

Equipment is gonna be a big factor in winning and loosing so here some info on Relics which are the best items you can get tin the game. These things can give some serious boost when built up properly.

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