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EZ PZ RPG Newbie PrizesEZ PZ RPG Newbie Prizes can be claimed when you first start playing. The way to do so however is nearly impossible for the normal player to even have a clue how to do it. Like me you probably went through every flippin screen and setting looking for something, anything.

After checking out the bellow info be sure to visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide for more related stuff your probably missing out on or would like to know more about.

EZ PZ RPG Newbie Prizes

The only way to know how to get the letters and # symbol necessary to for the Newbie Prize is to do a search for it on the internet and go to the developers website. This is where you’ll probably notice that they is also advertising their new app which is identical to this one only things have different names, that app is called Auto Battle. When doing so you’ll get some of the below information, I have added slight more user experience. Alos, if your here you might be the spending type and wondering what the heck in the R2 Card?


Place the following codes in the Enter Code area to receive the corresponding letter. This can only be done once per server. After putting in the code for the first time you wont be able to collect the things needed to do it again, hence the Newbie Prize title.

How To Get Letters:

Letter E – enter “ezrpge”

Letter Z – enter “ezrpgz”

Letter R – enter “ezrpgr”

Letter P – enter “ezrpgp”

Letter G – enter “ezrpgg”

Here’s some must have info on Relics as they are the best items in the game and should be focused on as early as possible to maximize there benefits.

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