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EZ PZ RPG R2 CardIn the EZ PZ RPG gems shop there is an options an R2 Card for $4.99. The description is far from self explanatory so I’ll go over everything so you have a better picture of what to expect. For a full list of related content check out our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide.

When you buy the R2 Card you will immediately get a VIP rank of 2 if this is your first time increasing the VIP level. If it’s not your first time, then your VIP level will increase according to the cost which equals 400 gems worth. This increase is permanent and will not go away when the month worth is over.

You will receive 100 Gems every day in your mail box with a counter telling you how many days are left. In the end the player will receive 3000 gems, which is a much better value than all other purchases. The only down fall is that your gonna have to wait getting the gems 1 day at a time.

Lots of folks are complaining about the fact that your VIP level should increase much more to around 6. This is not the case though as the EZ PZ RPG R2 Card is geared around is price rather than gem count like the other purchases.

When buying multiple R2 Cards at once it will simple add another 30 days and 300 VIP points. You will not get bigger bonuses each day, ti will only extend the time period longer. When spending real money these are by far the best value for Gems.

Here’s some Tips and Tricks that might help shed some light on things. There’s a lot of little things everywhere in this app and you never know what you might be missing out on.

EZ PZ RPG R2 Card in Gem Shop

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