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EZ PZ RPG RelicsEZ PZ RPG Relics are the highest quality gear you can get and have more options than any other gear. They will always have an extra buff that will offer a unique bonus along with more upgrade options.View are full list of EZ PZ content on our Wiki and Guide.

They are basically exactly like Legendary stuff with bonuses for STR, AGI, INT and VIT only they will have an additional red stat that can be ranked up. There picture is also the same color as Legendary only there will be a light running around the thumbnail. Remember to equip the ones your not using on your Ally as this can help out in boss battles and speed up exp gain.

How To Get Relics

  • Smelt Epic and Legendary gear that will have a random chance to produce a relic. This is probably one of the best and most accessible way for the majority of players.
  • Use 10 Relics Shards that can be found in Chests and bought at the store.
  • Craft items at the smelt which will cost Cred and Craft points. These items will usually be over your current level which can be great for defeating Bosses and moving on to the next area.
  • Very rarely you can find them as drops from enemies.
  • Sometime they will appear at the Shop, but for a hefty cost.

Additional Features

These can be accessed by viewing the items info screen. They will not appear on low quality gear.

Absorb – Absorb will consume other Relics to increase the power and stats of one item. Only effect the 4 base stats and not the one in red letters.

Transfer – Transfer the red buff to another item of the same type. This is great for keeping good buffs and moving them to stronger gear.

Merge – Merge will combine 2 items transferring the red stat to another so it can have 2 instead of one. This is helpful for making something strong even better.

Enhance – Some items will have an extra bonus that will be enable once all equipped items reach a certain enhancement level.

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