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EZ PZ RPG Tips Tricks Strategy GuideHere’s some EZ PZ RPG Tips and Tricks along with a Strategy Guide all smashed in together. Basically things that I have picked up on so far that you might be missing out on. These EZPZ RPG Tips and Tricks can be updated often so check back again for more info. For more info Visit our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide for related info.

Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Best Class – There are 3 different classes to choose from including the Warrior, Hunter and Mage. Whats the Difference?  Not much as there all real close in stats. In most fights the guy with a higher level and better gear will most likely win. Skills can play a roll but usually the higher level players will always dominate. Late game your gonna need some decked out Relic gear to compete with the best.

Depending on Skill there might be a Best Class for you. Every type wears the some stuff except their weapon and skill set. Below are all the skills for every class.

Warrior – The Warrior is focused on damage with stunning along with aggro that has bonus defense.

  • Fire Blast lv5 – Deals 200% MDMG to an enemy
  • Frost Blast lv10 – Reduces an enemy’s damage dealt by 50% for 1 round and deals 150% DMG.
  • Ice Armor lv15 – Surrounds 2 allies with ice armor for 3 rounds. During that time, 80% to freeze attackers when hit by basic attacks.
  • Eldritch Strike lv20 – Deals 150% MDMG to 3 enemies.
  • Blizzard lv25 -

Hunter – The Hunter focuses on Agility and can make better use of the stat.

Mage – The Mage needs Intelligence to maximize strength on power in battle.

EZ PZ RPG Classes

Changing Main Class – To Change the Main Class you’ll have to select a different server after starting app. The new class will start fresh and new and at level 1. Simply select to old server to play your other class. This can be done to have multiple games going at the same time. Technically you can play all of the classes at the same time on different servers, though this would be a lot of work.

Gallery – This is a small gallery with pictures of thing mentioned in this strategy guide with tips and tricks.

Gems – Gems are a type of paid currency in EZ PZ RPG though they can be acquired in large amount for free while playing. You get free gems when leveling up and after defeating bosses.

Shop – Don’t forget to visit the Shop at Home from time to time. They can have some great Legendary gear for a small amount of gold. It’s a great place to fill those gaps on weaker equipment. Other things like key’s can be more of a waste in the beginning to equipment being replaced quickly by fast leveling.

Smelt – When using Smelt at Home gear will be turned into Craft points than can be used for crafting Legendary equipment.  You’ll also need Cred which is earned by doing Team Battles. The higher quality the item the more Craft points you’ll get. Every once in a awhile you’ll also get 1 or more items for free.

The better the stuff the better the gifts. Eventually you be loaded with lots of Legends. This stuff can be Smelted for a chance at getting free Legends. Free gifts are pretty common and I regularly get Legends from smelting when using semi good to really good quality. Though the items may not sell for tons, free is good especially when legendary drops are concerned, Selling of low quality stuff can help the bank grow, smelting the good stuff can dramatically boost you equipment set up.

The level of item obtained from Smelting is at the 5 spot just over your current level. Example Your level 23 so you get level 35 stuff max. You can wear items that are 10 levels higher then your current level.

Training Allies – Training your Allies will help raise their stats permanently. On the Ally select screen tap the Train button. You can spend gold or gems to roll the dice on stat increases. If they look good you can except them or cancel in the roll was bad. When canceling you do not get a refund, every roll costs and the stats aren’t always good. Regardless the cost is pretty cheap and the effect are permanent. It seem like stats go up more consistently when not have trained for awhile. Things stars to keep giving bad rolls wasting gold.

Allies only have 6 out of the 10 for the same character type. Having your main character will offer more skill that only they will have

YouTube – Have you tried searching YouTube for Tips and Tricks, Walkthrough, Guides and Gameplay.

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