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EZ PZ RPG WalkthroughThis is a short EZ PZ RPG Walkthrough going over the basic with small to large detail. For the most part things are pretty self explanatory, but you never know what you could be missing out on. Keep in mind that this walkthrough can be updated often depending on how popular it is. So check back in the future for more info. Also check out our EZ PZ RPG Wiki fro lots more related stuff.

EZ PZ RPG Walkthrough

Ally – Your ally is very important and will be a huge factor in defeating bosses and leveling faster. Your ally will not gain exp like the main character does, but will require  the play to use manuals for exp. These manual must be obtained randomly by completing event, though you might be ably to purchase them at the Shop from time to time. Here’s more info on Ally, Rank & Training.

Characters – When starting the game for the first time you get to choose from 1 of 3 character that each have a male and female version. For the most part many seem to think the Warrior is the best probably due to his focus on strength. Every character will use the same equipment except weapons, offhand and skills. If yo want to start a new one you’ll have to select a different server when starting the app. Check out this post for more info on the Best Class.


Guild – Starting or joining a Guild will be an important step in speeding up the growth of your class. It might be easier to join someone elses rather than trying to build up your own. If you are planning on starting your own you can recruit many players be asking away in the chat window.

Newbie Prizes – Many player are wondering how the heck their suppose to get their Newbie Prizes for some free gifts when starting out. The codes that need to be entered must be found onli9ne from the developers website. I think the whole point is to advertise other games to you while your there. If you decide to install the Auto Battle app there advertising you’ll find that it’s almost an exact replica of this app. So if you really love thing thing you might wanna check it out, then you ca play 2 at once.



Relics – Relics are the highest quality gear that you can get in the game and will be a must for later stages. The best place to find Relics is to use Legendary equipment at the Smelt to randomly acquire it. Then after using the Smelt for awhile you’ll have enough points to purchase Relics in the Advanced Craft area. These can often be higher than your current  level making bosses much easier. You can also get luck and find some at the Shop once in awhile or at least Legends that can be used to craft them.

There’s also have some Tips, Tricks & a Strategy Guide with more info that can help fill in the gaps. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment below.

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