Dec 192015

FDA CIA FBI IRS Others Immediate Decommission & ProsecutionTHIS IS A DIRECT ORDER TO THESE ESTABLISHMENTS AND THOSE RELATED, STOP CEASE DESIST NOW!!! WE DO NOT FEAR YOU. YOU WILL FEAR WE THE PEOPLE. The FDA, CIA, FBI, IRS and many other 3 letter fancy elite “lol” titles should be immediately dis-banned, removed and prosecuted for their crimes many of which will probably suffer the death penalty. All leading officials should be given the hardest punishments allowed by laws for probably the most devastation towards others ever to exist. I vote for Alex Jones to lord over all of your pathetic existences.

Pretty sure it’s legal to build large militia and start a bounty list, I bet it’s already on standby. We’re coming to get ya, hide in your holes.

Almost everything is curable or preventable with Dr. Joel Wallach and products (Alexapure, best water filter that exist, NOTHING IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!). Anyone telling you otherwise doesn’t know or is saving up for a big boat. Most doctors are compartmentalized clones locked in student debt and illusions of more more more. When things go full public how will you pay off all that debt, probably be living in the streets or probably the woods since most people will run you out of town. Who know that people would go to school thinking they have one of the most intelligent educations when the whole thing was a matrix farce and your really some of the stupidest mislead people on the planet, not to mention murders and killers.

The people running these organizations are terrorist and should be hunted down with bounties until they are all apprehended and prosecuted for their crimes. All money earned during these deep dark evil crimes should be redistributed to the people whom it was stolen form or who where harmed by them.

The FDA specifically is working with grocery store chains like Walmart and Hy-Vee to stock the shelves with poison food to make money on the other end with fake medical procedures. How are the people that run these business still breathing with all the damage and chaos they cause to society. These people are some of the most dangerous terrorists to exist as the whole world seems to be infected with master degree clowns with false murder knowledge.

All for these group are obviously working together in order to get an upper hand and full control over human nature on the planet. They are a immediate threat that should be taken down hard. House should be raided in the night as mister prescription dealers goes to prison for the rest of their lives.

Across the country colleges are spreading fake lie knowledge to create problems so they can be profited off of on the other end. The people in charge of these colleges and universities are terrorist and have no protection when it come to someone grabbing them off the street and throwing them in a jail cell. It’s illegal to hurt people for profit, highly, as in a angry parent shows up at your house doing what police and corrupt chiefs wont do.

It time for the people causing others intentional pain and suffering to pay for their actions, heavily. I had a dream that doctors went to jail, just a dream right it’s nothing I’m sure. KARMA KARMA KARMA. How many children are going to be slaughter before 500 Medical lobbies get removed from their big homes.

The first thing a lier often says is they same back to you. Someone comes up and hits you out of nowhere, then they tell the police you hit them out of nowhere. The same works for the malnutrition pee brain chomos running the country. You call us terrorists after we catch you being terrorist.

The Constitution say that the United States of America belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and if you want it you have to come and take it. I guess that’s what the rest of the world is doing currently. Are constitution also says we get to shoot you when you try, dead, bye. Why does it say we can kill you, because you cant reason with cereal killers. You just gotta remove the threats and try to make better people through educations and healthy food, not that hard, unless your a mafia or oil turdprince trying to manifest your selfish illusions on others, forcefully.

Most employees for these organizations probably are way to stupid and blinded by their easy paycheck to see how dirty their hands really are. It’s the top guy with the fancy holes in the ground that know whats coming to them. Do you know someone who works for these organizations that’s has an underground runaway dwelling. What are they running from, fear of repercussion.

No knowledge of the after life is your biggest problem. If your kill and hurt people for a living you a re a threat to live and should be removed as such. Go stick your head in a beehive and see what happens, natural defense towards rick clowns sticking their heads where they shouldn’t.

These may seem like big words coming from a mobile gamin looser website, but you’d be surprised how accurate I am when ranting about vicious people and holding accountable for horrible deeds. Repent your sins by putting them down and walking away from them with intent to do better and help life, not holding it back. This is the only way to be rewarded in the after live.

Why should you get a nice family and fancy possessions when your ruining the same for others. Prepare for another invert where things get extremely hard for the wicked, if your lucky.

With the coming wave of accountability seeming inevitably close, changing sides right now is your only chance at survival. Stop hurting and start helping or leave hard. Judgment is eminent, Revelations kicked of July 2015. If your non religious like me you probably won’t be for long.

Obviously there are some really good people working for these criminal establishments and rogue government communities, I hope the best for these people. The rest need to pay the piper.

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