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Final Fable Arena Players NPC Defense RankingFinal Fable Arena info on Players, NPC, Defense, Ranking and more. For much more visit the Final Fable Wiki.

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The arena is a place to earn extra income like gold and gems and buy special items in the shop which some are specific. It does not cost any energy to enter, but you’ll be limited entry that regenerate every 30 minutes. You can also increase the max amount of tries by raising your VIP level. The guy with the best rank will always appear on the left.


  • Claim – If you look to the right in the player menu you’ll see rewards gathering per hour. The rates can be increased by beating others and taking their ranks. I’m not sure if there is a limit to how much you can save up before claiming, but it’s pretty easy to collect on the fly.
  • Refresh – Use refresh to find people around the same rank, but with potential easier power to beat. Though you can tap this button fast an unlimited amount of time the results will always be pretty close when it comes to rank.
  • Rules – When looking at the rules you can scroll down to so the different rewards for each of the different ranking tiers. The major thing to under stand is that if you want to increase your rank you simply have to defeat someone better than you and you’ll take theirs.
  • Records – In the records area you can see who is the best according to streaks. Since it’s pretty east to not loose and not sure how useful this is.
  • Shop – Here you can spend your Honor coins that can only be earned nt eh Arena.


In the NPC area you can play increasing difficult bosses for gems and Honor. There is a cooldown period and each can only be played once at a time. Arena entries are used to play these as well.


The Defense screen will let you try different combination so you can find the Best Hero for the job. This can also be done before entering a fight and both will change the default set up.

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  2. it actually takes 1 stam to do an npc arena

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