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Final Fable Best Hero Evolve Promote Strategy GuideA short Final Fable Best Hero Strategy Guide. For a list of everything related check out the Final Fable Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

This Final Fable Best Hero Strategy Guide can be updated regularly depending on popularity. More info can be added in the future. Please leave questions and insight in the comments below.

Final Fable Best Hero Strategy Guide


Each hero will have a certain group that they work well with that grant extra passive buffs like more HP Recovery, AGI and CRIT DMG. Some of them are really good giving the party a strong boost.


Evolve - You will need to equip the 6 required items before a hero can be Evolved. This will unlock new skills that can be used in battle.

Promote – Promote is very important and is used to increase the rank and star count up to a max of 5 stars. It is the most expensive and tedious upgrade to establish as there are semi hard materials needed including shards.


  • STR Growth – Increase to STR per level gain.
  • INT Growth – Increase to INT per level gain.
  • AGI Growth – Increase to AGI per level gain.
  • Attack Speed – ?


To unlock more skills you’ll need to Evolve. Almost everybody has a leader ability that boost the same element type. Other than that skill are unique and should be seriously considered when choosing a good group. Strength can be increase for each skill by spending Gold, higher levels will be more expensive.


Each hero can use the Sub feature to add 2 more element types to their attacks. Sub 1 must be Wood, Water or Fire. Sub 2 must be Light or Dark. When using the same element damage will increase with it, but the weakness will also be stronger.


A lv 15 team level is needed before Talents can be used.


A description with slight humor here and there and full screen shot of character. Tap the picture to view it full screen.


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