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Final Fable Conquest Coins Stage Power ShopSome Final Fable Conquest info on Stages, Power, the Shop and Coins. For a full list of everything related visit the Final Fable Wiki and don’t miss out on the Referral & Event Codes Giveaway.

The absolute best way to complete conquests is to save everyone’s special moves for the last wave. Most of the time everything will just die right away. Just turn Auto off in the beginning, then switch it back on at the start of the 3 or final wave.

Final Fable Conquest


There are 10 stage total for each run. You’ll use a certain amount of tries available per day instead of energy to enter. On the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th stages you will get conquest coins with relative increasing amounts with the last giving the most. After the last stage you can reset the try for free depending on VIP level or pay 150 gems to do so.


Power is the recommended strength of the 7 heroes that you should bring with. Having the best team where everyone has 1 or more all hit attacks will let you complete harder areas with less power.


Mercenaries can be hired for either 2000 gold or 10 gems each. You can summon up to 2 at a time during battle to help out on the hard stages. Make sure to always have strong friends and have them ready for the hard stages. Removing low level or unwanted friends can make the random result of summoning more reliable and efficient.


The shop contains various shards and equipment materials among other things. You should check back often as they selection will change multiple times a day, or you can change it yourself with gems which can be a great way to get shards and other stuff fast, not jut here but in others shops as well..

With the large amount of different places to shop I hope the developer puts a menu so we can see them all in the same place instead of having to run around.


Coins will be earned on the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th stages. They can only be used in the shop here for Best shards and many others items.

VIP Bonuses

This is a list of the way you can improve Conquest with VIP ranking.

10 Mercs in Conquests 30, Daily Conquests 3
11 Mercs in Conquests 40
13 Conquest Rewards Increase +50%

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