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Final Fable Friends Rifts Mercenaries Pal-MartA Final Fable Friends, Rifts, Mercenaries and Pal-Mart info. For everything else related on this website see the Final Fable Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

Please leave any insight or questions below in the comments to help others. This will more than likely be updated in the near future as this game is pretty fun.


When starting out you can have a max of 20 friends which is increased by 2 every VIP rank increase to a max of 50. It’s a very good idea to also thin the heard by deleting friend with low levels and adding those whit very high ones. Having strong friends can make unbeatable battle possible and can speed up game completion. Don’t forget to hit the All button on the top to send everyone 10 hearts, this is also part of a daily quest.


Rift seem to open up randomly and when moving forward in the main story. They are a great place to find Power stone for Promoting when the Trials are on the wrong element day, though they are a bit on the expensive side and tough too. The higher the entry cost the more difficult things are gonna be. The good thing you get everything you found even when die. So try to get as far as possible for the best return on investment. Each one can only be played a limited amount of tries indicated by the number under the time limit.


Mercenary slot are for earning gold passively while both playing and not playing. Heroes places here can still be used for everything else in the game so there is no reason why these slots should ever be empty. They will have to stay for at least 1 hour before gold can be collected.

These mercenaries will also show up on your friends list as helpers during fights. For this reason you should place you absolute best heroes in these slots to help friends.


The Pal-Mart is where you’ll spend all those hearts you’ve been collecting. Can be a little tricky to find at first since there’s so much to do. This store seems to have the same Hero shards (Mimiro, Charlene and Snow Black) and rotates one of each: Tear Shard, Seeds and Crests. Once an item is purchase you’ll have to wait for the timer at the top which will indicate when it refreshes next.

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