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Final Fable Referral & Event CodesA growing list of Final Fable Referral & Event Codes Giveaway that are both user submit and found around the web. Please leave any you may have in the comments that are not list here.

These Final Fable Referral & Event Code Giveaways can be updated daily so check back often. To see all related content visit the Final Fable Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

Event Codes

Event Codes are one time use number and letter combinations that can offer a very large amount of Shards, Gems, and other stuff. If one doesn’t work lets us know in the comments and we’ll remove it. Sometimes they stop taking them and some a for a short time only. The best place to find these things on your own is to search through the official Final Fable Facebook page.

  • W77FABLE
  • 9FABLE08
  • A0FABLE4
  • N24MY1YRYCQG – Limited – Apple Queen x30, 500 Gems. If this doesn’t work than you’ll have to go through the Giveaway like I did. This thing seems to get refreshed at some point after all the keys are used up. You’ll have to enter a email to get this thing so be sure to uncheck their emails they want to sent you regularly unless that’s what your into, might want to use a unimportant email since the key is sent their.

Referral Codes

You can find your referral code by looking on your profile screen. When you enter someone else’s you will get ? rewards in mailbox, they get 100 Gems, 100 Hearts and 10 Sweepers. Feel free you leave yours in the comments below. Looks like your only able to use one which makes sense. If you get and error you probably entered the letter O when it should have been the number zero 0. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many times someone can enter your number/letter.

  • 4BRP00

If your still wondering who you should play there is more info on the Best Hero here. Another important part of this game is the VIP function which is free to all users unlike many other games out there

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  79 Responses to “Final Fable Referral & Event Codes Giveaway”

  1. 4DIAAQ

  2. My referral code is 4DL0YN (zero, not an O)Level 61, use this code and you should get at least a Hero with 2 stars or 500 gems you’re welcome

  3. My Ref. code 4D83QP

  4. 4DSIZT

  5. 3NR7A9 add me for 100 gems

  6. use referral code 47MEIV level 41

  7. Friend referral code 3HYA76 for 100 gems and more

  8. Mine is 4CCFF2! Level 41, play everyday!

  9. I’m 4DOCNL, add me tooo =)

  10. 4E3AD4

  11. Another code


    Should get you hero 2 stars or 500 gems

  12. Referral code: 4B09P8. It will give us both some good stuff. 100 gems guaranteed.

  13. 4BTOU6 add me for gems and stuff :)

  14. 4BHRXQ

    I’m level 50. Should net some good stuff for both of us. Cheers

  15. Code 4D0JN2

  16. 4CMIJQ (capital I not L)

  17. My referral code is 3GQH4R.
    Get them gems.

  18. 4EMTEN for 100 gems and other prizes in referral.

  19. Referral Code: 1FG0ML (<— that is a zero)
    100+ gems and more (depends on your level and activity)
    Active, VIP member.
    Add me as a friend in-game as Shardia.

  20. 4EL9UK

  21. 3LHIGI is my referral code – lots of nice stuff!

  22. This referral code worked for me:2OPTDW

  23. 4FS38J

  24. 4DVDHX

  25. 4DS8Y9

  26. 32YH9Q

  27. Add my referralcode 3BBVLJ , im a lvl 58 so you will get alot of nice free stuff! :)
    Have a nice one!

  28. referral code of 4EEWUX! active daily!

  29. 3WN9U9

  30. referral code is 4ecbpc

  31. 4ETY33

  32. Choose ref. Code 3JL39Q for scrolls, gems, energy, coins and more.

  33. 3HFNOW

  34. 2TOR3R

  35. 4G73C1

  36. My code is 4H39MN, look out for me username Ebonite xD bit crazy so recruit me to your guild with caution ^.^

  37. Use referral code 4E2RZE for gems

  38. 4H0KS2

  39. 4APMDV

  40. 4GC1R6 lvl 46 and guild leader.

  41. Choose ref. code 4I3E0K and get free gems and other cool stuff

  42. 4EETQZ Level 51, daily player

  43. 4I7MFZ lvl 31

  44. 3BSQVX :)

  45. Referral Code 4GWRDR Free Gifts Level 48

  46. Referral code: 4IC16C

  47. My code is 4EAZG6

  48. 4F900Q

    Will check back to add anyone that posts. Thanks!

  49. 4663MX

  50. 3YU33H

  51. Referral code 4ADC09.. It’s a zero.. I’m at level 60 I play everyday you will receive 500 gems plus other rewards

  52. Currently lv.67 and slowly approaching higher 60’s. I’m extremely active. Send me a friend request and use my referral code: 4EGBSQ. By using my referral code you’ll get 100 free gems and more. PM me, my in game name is “Alpha”. Have a good one ^_^/!

  53. Referral code: 1KXYI6
    you will get some nice free stuff

  54. 4DTYC0 Daily level 64 player

  55. 4CE94Q

  56. 4CE94Q

  57. 4D8PQ9

  58. Referral Code 4FD4QZ

  59. Referral code 4EHM6A.. I’m at level 63 and I play everyday. Add me ClanMack

  60. my reff: 44FQDX. add me and get 100 gems and more.

  61. Referral Code: 4CNDK8

  62. High level heros to help you. Add me: 4OJ0R0

  63. High level hero to help. Add me 4OJ0R0.

  64. 4DLVPG level 70 you will get a divine scroll and much more

  65. 4DTYC0 <– thats a zero. Daily Active Player, Get your initial prize then the daily friend prize every day after!

  66. 40T94WW
    Im lvl53 active player

  67. Hey add me IGG 259282953.. refer code is 4ADC09.. its a zero.. Im level 73 and I play everyday.. so you will get lots of cool things for using my refer code..

  68. My referral code is 4dm87m

  69. 3IE4ST (it’s i not 1) – Level 74 ^^

  70. My referral code is 30DA8Z

  71. 59Y012 hmu plss

  72. 9FABLE08 – only working Event Code left.

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