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Final Fable Trials Power Evolution Promote StrategyA Final Fable Trials Strategy Guide and Walkthrough with lots of stuff to shed light on things. For a full list of everything see the Final Fable Wiki.

This Final Fable Trials Strategy Guide and Walkthrough can be improved daily depending on how many people are actually looking for this info. Check back for possible updates and leave any question or helpful insight in the comments below.

Final Fable Trials Strategy Guide


The Trials shift every day making the player either play on the weekend when everything is available or specific Monday through Friday variations. This is the best place to get the materials needed for Evolving a character and increasing their star rank. There harder the stage the better the rewards and you’ll need to complete the tough at first 3rd stage for green rarity Power.

Wood – Cataclysm – Mon Sat Sun

Water – Tsunami – Tue Sat Sun

Fire – Pyroclastic Flow – Wed Sat Sun

Light – Starfall – Thur Sat Sun

Dark – Eclipse – Fri Sat Sun


The first thing to know is that Trials are not the only place to get Power stones for Evolution, they can also be found in friend Rifts, Missions, Events, Achievements and more. These are one of the main things needed for moving forward in the game and you’ll need many to build up a great party.


Evolution is a necessary component for promotions and is found mostly in Trials. They look like dark eggs and will range with varying rarity requiring the player to complete more difficult trials.


Promote will rank your characters up and increase the amount of stars they have. If the game seems hard not being promoted enough is probably the reason. This will make the biggest difference in might and battle strength other then equipment that increases rarity and icon color, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

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