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Final Fable VIP Points Benefits Rewards FreeA collection of info on Final Fable VIP Points, Benefits, Rewards and how to get them for free. This is one of the few apps available for play that has an option for free VIP points without having to pay using real money. It also seems to be the most popular RPG on Google Play at the moment so I think I’ll grind those VIP points encase they take them away in a future update. For a full list of everything related check the Final Fable Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

You can view your current VIP status by tapping the icon by your Picture on the main screen. You can swipe left and right in the info window to view the benefit for each of the 15 levels.

One of the best things about the extra you can get would be the double daily gift if your in it for the long haul. With the massive amount of Shards gotten a hero could be upgraded quickly compared to others.

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Final Fable VIP Points

Points can be gotten for free by completing various missions and daily quests.

Encase you still a little clueless on who to choose for a party this Best Hero Strategy Guide can help.

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