May 272015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Best CharactersThe Final Fantasy Record Keeper Best Characters are really all of them, though some stand out much better than others. The absolute best character in the whole game would be the main guy you name in the beginning, Tyro. The reason for this is that he can use every item and ability in the game. Everyone else is limited to their original game type and very restrictive, especially with abilities. Tyro is removable from the party and doing so can really hinder late game progress. This information was found by long pressing someone on the Party screen, then tapping Useable.

The next best Final Fantasy Record Keeper Character is a healer with a revive spell. After that I would focus on big damage dealers and maybe an extra healer once in a while.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Best Characters

The first thing to know is that each character will get a special bonus when playing in their FF version. More experience will also be earned making it the easiest place to level and play catchup. The buffs are noticeable and can make thing much easier, especially on Elite. You’ll see a glowing blue light around a player when the bonus is active, it can be seen by just looking at an area.

This would make leveling up everybody to max a useful thing, though I’m sure places can be completed without the help of a version specific party member. Since this is a FF most people where probably planning on maxing everyone out anyhow.


Try to equip everyone with version specific gear as the equipment will be stronger. This will provide bonuses and be more usable than other same rarity gear. This may automatically happen when Optimizing Equipment. More info is available on the Boss Strategy Guide


This poll is based of the international version and does not include the many others in the Japan version. Please choose up to 3 characters when voting.

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