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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Boss Strategy GuideA Final Fantasy Record Keeper Boss Strategy Guide showing the weaknesses they have and what you’ll need to do for Champion. You’ll have to get at least expert to gain the champ status for any dungeon which unlocks more dungeons and the best gear for that difficulty. This can be done often be completely ignoring the boss requirements, but sometimes you’ll have to replay some where they are a must. Others will be out of reach due to being under leveled.

This post will no longer be updated as I found the official Dungeon Guide.

There is no wait feature in this FF probably making it the first. Between this and the lack of target selection slowing down battle some obstacles are gonna seem harder than they should be. Boss battles will be the most challenging of all, especially with multiple enemies to choose from.

I didn’t start making this guide until after I started to miss out on champion the first time through. Not sure where there is an in-game list so I would have to make my own and miss well share with everyone. This list will be growing with more info as I move through the game. For more insight check out some info on the Best Characters.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Boss Strategy Guide

Target Score

These are the extra things needed to be completed on bosses for a better end score. On more difficult targets I try to explain strategy for an easier ride.

4 IV

10 Baron Castle, 1st Floor – Exploit Baigan’s weakness to ice attacks. Defeat Baigan before his arms self-destruct, first kill arms then kill body before arms come back otherwise arms will blow up when body dies. Baron Castle, Throne Room – Disrupt Cagnazzo’s Tsunami with lightning attacks when there is a puddle under his body, better move quick cause it wont be there long, best to leave someone on stand by and he may only use puddle once during the fight. Exploit Cagnazzo’s weakness to ice attacks.

5 V

9 North Mountain, 8th Station – Afflict Magissa with Silence. Afflict Forza with Sleep.

6 VI

9 North Mines – Defeat Ymir without touching shell and triggering the counter lighting attack.

10 Abandoned Mineshaft – Defeat the Guard Leader before he used Charge, just attack him first until dead then move one to dogs.

11 Figaro Castle, Exterior – Exploit the Magitek Armor’s weakness to lightning.

12 Mt. Kolts, Decent – Hit 1 of the 2 bear things weakness with fire. This stage has what I call the wall effect where things get harder out of the blue so the devs can raise the profits, thanks mobile earnings model. You can start Elite on FF7, grind exp and upgrade gear and skills to make things easier. Clouds Flame and other elemental strikes do good damage.



14 Mako Reactor No. 1 – Defeat the Guard Scorpion without a KO, just make sure not to attack when tail is up and use Cloud for an easier win.


9 XI

10 X

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