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Final Fantasy VII Remake Wiki Guide Tips FAQ CheatsFinal Fantasy VII Remake is an upcoming for PS4 rumored sometime in 2017. The game is a remake of the PlayStation One release of Final Fantasy 7 in 1997. The name may change as it seems a little bit on the generic side.

When Final Fantasy VII Remake hits the streets check back for new guides, tips, tricks, and potentially some cheats. Until then check back for updated info on what the heck is going on.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Wiki Guide FAQ

Tips & Tricks

In the first title there was an absolute ton of things to do with lots of hidden side missions and items to finds. Having a Tips and Tricks list was a massive wall of text with to much to do. Hopefully this new version holds itself up to the same standards as it was pretty much the best game for that system. My guess is this will set the RPG bar to limits never experienced by a gamer, ever.


The only cheats for the first one were glitches to get one more save anywhere crystal, hold top controller button for easy chocobo racing, damage overflow fro one hit kill (pure glitch), infinite regan glitch from opening disk door, scratch disk cgi work around disk switch, in battle item cloning and a few others.

If there where any shortcut in the new version they would probably be some kind of glitch or a developer backdoor for difficult situations. Regardless, Final Fantasy usually has some kind of superior mini games mix with tons of item depth. This game looks more over the top than any other I have seen ever, it’s going to be legendary for sure.


By the looks of the trailer there’s gonna be ton of similarity with tons of surprises. Controls seem to be set up similar to FF10 mixed in with God of War. No more battle transitions that interrupt thought process. My guess is you’ll be able to see enemies at a good distance, at least the big ones.

Features? I’m guessing bounties, massive hidden bosses, severe Materia overhaul, limit breaks galore, most visual CGI’s to date, fancy transportation, chocobo racing like need for speed and hopefully a ridiculous amount of open world exploring.

Developer Commentary

A quick recap of the first release with comparisons and what to expect for the next big thing. All I know is that if this thing doesn’t hit Xbox you can say bye bye to Bill Gates current platform of gaming, wheres the passion? To many fires going at once? Maybe not that bad, but sales are gonna hurt in the area of which system should I buy or buy and bring back, no brainer.

Release Date

The guys at Sony are saying Final Fantasy VII will be out sometime in 2017 for PS4 only currently, though Xbox looks to happening as-well. I’m gonna go ahead and use the Jedi force by saying this will come out on PC also. This game is nothing short of a miracle and might give Chuck Norris jokes a run for there money, hopefully the planet is still in one piece by 2017 or better.

The just made another advertising phase that the game will be released in multiple parts. Looks like they plan on having a ton of downloadable update content to maximize profits in the add-ons arena. Profits are probably going to be a huge deal since it will probably be one of the most expensive games to make yet, at the same time it will probably make more money than any game to date. I would expects a entry version that has a good enough feel/length mixed in with 1-2 years of download content, then finally a Game of the Year addition. Looks like by the time I play this thing in 2019 they might actually have it for the PC.

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