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Gangstar Vegas Chop ShopIn Gangstar Vegas the Chop Shop is a place where you can take different vehicles and get money for them. The bigger and more expensive the ride the more money you’ll get. Bring in planes and high tech stuff is the best way to get easy money fast.

Before your able to access the chop shop you’ll have to complete “E-Man Mission #3: Life a Ride”. Once this is done you gain free access to it. I would focus on getting this as soon as possible as it’s like an unlimited money cheat in a way, though you’ll have to work for it or steal for it I should say.

Where is the chop shop your wondering? It’s towards the center of the map right next to Karl’s. Check out the pictures below for an exact location of the chop shop.

Chop Shop Location

Gangstar Vegas Chop Shop Location

Chop Shop Location

Gangstar Vegas Chop Shop

Gangstar Vegas Chop Shop Location Street View

Chop Shop Location Street View

Using the Chop Shop

Many people complain that they are not able to trigger the sell vehicle option when pulling up to the chop shop. To fix this problem your going to have to completely close the app. You may even have to restart your device to make sure it has close. Now you should be able to sell things. This is a known glitch that doesn’t seem to have been fixed as of late.

Other than that you should just be able to drive any vehicle up to the rear garage to initiate the transfer. This is by far the best way to earn fast cash easy in Gangstar Vegas. Once this thing is opened up your money problems should be close to over as it’s way to easy to take stuff without getting caught.

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  1. Hi if anyone wants to join a gang I’ve made a gang called
    Digital skunkz
    And I’m willing to accept anyone into the gang

  2. Hi I just love gangster Vegas

  3. Why am I only getting like 52,000 for the Lamborghini looking car and 48,000 for the store I remember getting a lot more then that? Can you please help me thank you.

  4. Ok i willl join you

  5. What is that icon beside the chop shop that looks like a wrench is going thru a pencil?and on my map it doesn’t show.I havery the latest gangstar vegas.

  6. how can I change my gang name

  7. Please i need help. How to get a garage and home??

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