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GEICO Insurance Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Discounts CommercialsA GEICO Insurance Wiki, Guide and FAQ with Tips & Tricks, Discounts, Commercial link and other special stuff. GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company and they’ve been selling auto insurance since 1936, I smell the CIA and shadow government. It looks like the gov and auto manufactures have a hold on money making schemes while the world really needs free energy and indestructible cars. The amount of pollution cars give off and deaths the can magically occur make you wonder how a business system can be in play if there wasn’t any regard for health and safety. How many accidents don’t look like accidents, but are reported incorrectly just like in the movies?

Car manufactures have no accountability and the planet gets reduced living standards so a few people get have big boats. They should be should down or forced to convert to current tech like motors that run on water. I highly doubt GEICO is calculation all the insurance variables because profits would be gone from things like having to pay me for not driving, but you driving by my house and poison me with your gas, oil, radiation, brake fluid fumes. I don’t get a chance not breath a cars poison so second hands smoking laws are like baby steps to a much larger issue.

Cars are probably the most polluting machine on the earth with no fines or penalties. With current tech in water, wind and solar energy cars should easily be running for free. Is it possible to protect someone in a crash at 100 miles per hour, yes, does it happen? never. It seems like there always a door for death open in tech so that accidents can happen and doctors get their turn to make money too on hocus pocus meds and frankin surgery.

GEICO Insurance Wiki, Guide & FAQ

Commercials & Jokes

There has been a ton of commercials and jokes made by GEICO over the years and there still coming. GEICO has a YouTube channel with all their best commercials and new ones added regularly.

Discounts, Coupons, Promo Codes

Here’s some link to various coupons sites that can help reduce the cost of new and old features. These things seem to change often with months and seasons so check back for completely new and different coupons and promo codes.

Tips & Tricks

Saving Money – A little thing insurance companies do is work the outside of insurance cost by trying to get folk on super expensive plans that would other wise be cheap. Many folks have probably already gotten an email from a competitor charging 10 times as much than what they currently have. Make sure not to fall for this pitfall or you’ll be paying ridiculous amounts over what you should be, try competitors for lower price as they may straight out refuse to lower the cost though many managers could be haggled down on a highway robbery angle.

I would think just about all insurance agents will pro rate a refund so shopping around is a really good idea. It seems like the online guys are taking all the business with fair prices, but with all must pay fees in life shaving just a bit more off the top will help in the long run when it comes to saving money.

The best place to buy insurance is in a small town with someone locally that has an insurance business potentially. Small towns will have smaller fees for less hazards or risks and no competition. Choosing someone of the opposite sex can also low the cost if you play cute and/or ask for help, really pull on those heart strings.

When buying insurance remember that the price is magical. Basically, GEICO charges a rate, then an insurance agent gets to charge what ever they want on top of that rate so they can always go lower. It’s really just that simple, the big car and house payment they have comes from making magical rate profits off all their customers every month. Some of these people, especially in large communities and cities, will charge ridiculous amounts as well, they seem to look fishy and shady in my experiences, probably just bad spending habits and an easy way to get money from must have insurance.

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