Dec 132015

Google Bubbles - Lie Traffic, No Results & Mass CrimeOh the wonderful Google (Elite goverments working together being the scenes) bubble (Googles lie rank one response) where you type something into search or get traffic from search and the biggish G gives you what they think is enough. Will you find 100% natural alternative cures for things you desperately need or will Google sent you to your death in a treatment center somewhere getting main stream legal death from trained assassin cereal killers educated at medical training centers like Harvard and Yale. Assessors to massive crime, too much jail time pending. Where’s the kids disappearing to? Track everything don’t ya?

Bloggers must wonder why they can rank for some things and not others. My guess is that people are in special government control bubbles making sure someone has enough traffic, but save some for the other bubble prisoners in the blogging world, hence why some niches without comp cant be ranked for. You know their using the system to pay spy’s over seas behind the scenes. You wont rank for these key words because mister secret agent needs a life line. Google is a giant tool of manipulation that breaks more laws in a day that if there weren’t elite and above the law terrorists they by in jail for treason or worse. Thank for the Philipino hooker child molestation ads Adsense that are probably put up by children traffickers you already know about. How about some Android games with kids in their sneak peak panty baby porn. Making money more than we know.

In the end we all die no matter how scared we are, it’s so scary too, your flesh timer ticking, flesh goes away and everything you have is gone, most of which was a waste to begin with. What awaits you, these “???????”. I want a puppy, never mind, now I want a kid, they can raise themselves I guess. Total misdirection by the rich above trying to lead like handicaps. How can handicaps teach smart people, oh that’s right because you have lots of money so what you say must be intelligent. Where are all the kids disappearing from Walmart (connected under ground) military installation facial recognition software going, making some toy in another countries for christmas? They probably have projected selling costs coming up on kids faces, some go for over $500k, making money.

How does it feel to work for lairs , thief’s, broken hard drives bent on huge houses and more expensive ways to get to work? I hope the whole thing comes down hard. I bet Google is gone by 2018, completely or flipflopped to something else.

Google is run by CIA and all kinds of intelligence agencies to steal all kind of information from different countries world wide. I could just imagine all the illegal activity behind the scenes like murder and theft to keep the corporate scheme going. Steal, steal, stealing bank account information to psychology behavior, it all rigged with lie knowledge and misleading control. How much of the hacking and data breaches is a direct result of Google execs doing what they want? Doing things without showing your hand is called a lying. Keep hiding your hand to do what you want, don’t let them see the truth or it’s all over.

It’s your game, you can rig and steal how you want but in the end your stuck to the flesh with all it major hurdles that you won’t every get over. No more diluted normal people illusions with “I work for Google” attitudes, blind kids high on illusion title like satanturd behavior.

Nobody trusts google anymore. You have to have CIA clearance to get over some many subscribers on YouTube. All the big players are working for some intelligence agency somewhere and they know to keep their mouths shut. Pay attentions to 1 millions plus subscriber count YouTubers, their all dropping info leaks and read between the lines info leaks directed at a certain group or person. If you use the internet all day you probably part of an MK Ultra program and didn’t even know it.

I cant wait until someone knocks you guys off your nosebleed high horses along with all you bubble head employees “I work for Google” no, your a compartmentalized tool that could be doing a million times better somewhere else and the United States government just want you to do a little job and shut you mouth or you’ll loose your money and title.

Thanks for the intentional spam to fill the net with garbage. I swear Google spends more time trying to make thing not work and work for them than to tell the truth, help people Looks like they’ll be locking the internet down soon with normal people not having any rights and owned be chomo’s that can’t get adult to connect on a natural basis. By then I’m sure you’ll each have your own military compound to protect against invaders that might want to stop the madness.

Thanks Google for all the terrorism, lies, mobile tracking, recording everyone in their homes, people dying from sickness cause you hide the cures and for showing people what not to do. Their probably hoping the herd will be super dumped down soon with all the poison food in grocery stores and murder doctors the fill your local hospital ranks, they’ll put us all in a chicken coop.

Karma is king, not content. Google needs to go bankrupt and give all the money back to the people, with interest. When will it end, probably when the people take the power back from the government they created that’s since went rogue and needs severe removal and replacement with normal people, not stealing murdering illusionist psychopath wannabe title holders.

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