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Google - Too Much Blood On Hands, Why No Jail TimeGiven that Google is responsible for giving you a cure or sending you to a murderous witch doctor treatment in a local hospital I would say they have quite the responsibility. Lets see, let me find a cure for Arthritis with the 90 Essential Nutrients or go to a doctor and get murdered by long term FDA approved kill/profit treatments?

It’s Google job to make sure people are safe when using their brick laying search engine. but this is far from the truth. With just about everything cured and preventable Google has shown time and time again that they need money no matter how many people suffer. Thanks search bubbles giving only a few the knowledge of longevity while sending many to their deaths.

Google has without a doubt committed more crime than most criminal through out history. Easily you could send many of their algorithm programmers to prison for life or death sentences. What Google is doing is called MURDER and SUICIDE and ETERNAL DAMNATION if you are aware of that kind of thing.

Google = Terrorism at it’s peak. Imagine going into a room when you sick and having Larry Page say that there is no cure and your going to die soon, then the next person steps in, probably a female, and Page gives up the cure like he’s under some kind of spell. This is a process known as brick laying, where someone sets people up for failure on purpose for personal gain and corporate control of what they think are slaves at this point. Meet your maker is a turn that was coined because?

Of course they have made up all kinds of bogus laws to keep them save, but eventually nature will take over like it always does. Someones always trying to control the herd instead of trying to set them free. Another mistake in history that leading to corporate collapse and heavy accountability.

When Google indexed treatment when there are cures that is an extreme violation of both law and human right, suicide. In the old days when someone came into town and started killing people the town got together and removed the threat fast and hard. No day people are to dumbed down by illusion and poisoned grocery store food to realize it time to act. It’s time to crack all the rick elite by their shirt collars and make them listen, in a hole somewhere like it says terrorist are suppose to disappear.

You might by thinking to yourself “I work for Google” as you tell everyone the same thing going around acting better than everyone trying to make others feel bad cause of your title. The truth is your a blind practically useless (compartmentalization anyone?) lowly life form just starting it’s conscious existence and your in the wring place at the wrong time. This is the period of Revelations wear the rich are forced on their need and probably never get up in the flesh.

Imagine all you worked for and all your dreams of spending large amount of stolen money from child trafficking and shipping narcotics get slammed to a halt by… karma.

If there was someway we could throw of these wannabe slaves owners so we can maximize the potential of life. Take back America and the world will have a chance to get on it’s know with the truth. Rich people are clowns absolutely oblivious to the next step when the flesh falls.

Google Algorithms are Terrorism of the worst kind, lies and bricks. It’s funny how a company that sells itself as being truthful fills the airways with so many lies. Typical advertising for the wicked trying to look good on the outside while they do mind boggling horrible deeds behind the scenes. I guess my body is yours to explore, not mine.

Thanks for showing us how not to build a search engine, just wait until a all truth no spam search engine comes along to save the day. Oh wait, they already have tried many times only to be met with ___ __, fill in the blanks with anti-life activity.

Jail would be fair accept that all the prison food is poisoned and the put extra chemicals in the drinking water just like the public schools. Wow, it looks like a lot of people have it coming to them, home to roost soon, karma, reap what you sow,

I don’t feel sorry if your in charge of something and destroying peoples lives. You people are much closer than you realize to having everything you think you love torn away from you as you sit in a nightmare of emotional struggles, on your knees finding out that God is not only real, but really unhappy with your actions. Who though nature hits back naturally.

Paul Revere 2.0!!! Nuremberg Trials 2.0!!!

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