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GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D WalkthroughThis is a Walkthrough for GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D which is available on mobile for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D is a military flight simulator where you go around completing different tasks like destroying tanks or taking down a train.

Right now as of 3-22-2015 there are 29 different things to fly from helicopters to jets and jumbo planes. Each one has multiple weapons and features that can be added to them along with upgrading the vehicles stats.

This walkthrough can be updated daily depending on both popularity and how far I’m will to go with it. I here the later levels require lots of grinding, hopefully it’s not a ridiculous amount. Check back often for new stuff in this Walkthrough.

General Tips

Controls – In the setting you can choose from 4 different control layout including one where you don’t have to tilt your device.. The non tilting configuration is the one I use as my tablet goes haywire from time tot time when using tilt controls. Pick the one you the most comfortable with and you’ll do better out in the field.

Difficulties – When completing a mission you will unlock the next difficulty which offers more reward, but is more difficult. You should try to complete as many as possible on Easy before going back and starting on the harder versions.

Gold – This is a paid currency that can be obtained for free by completing Custom Missions, though the ones that offer Gold cost $ to play. It’s recommended to save this to unlock Episodes as each on e will cost gold. Otherwise you’ll have to farm Custom Missions for more which can be a long expensive process.

Strife –


Click on the difficulty name on each mission to watch a YouTube Walkthrough.

Episode 1

All of the first Episode on Easy is painless as long as you have the Black Hawk which is gotten for free on the first stage, but can only be used 10 times.

1. Flight Test

Easy – Fly to the target area, collect $ symbols and destroy enemies for bonus money. Teaches you the basic on flying by letting you collect a few floating objects and attacks some non mobile units. When completed you’ll get a Black Hawk that can only be used for 10 missions. It should be enough to get you money for a new ride when it’s used up. You should be able to complete the next 10 missions with it without too much hassle. Easy is the only difficulty this can be played in.

2. First Blood

Easy –

3. Maritime Ambush

Easy –

4. Amphibious Assault

Easy –

5. Air Raid

Easy –

6. All-Out War

Easy –

7. Operation Tail-cutter

Easy –

Episode 2

1. Sunday, 07:00

Easy –

2. Special Forces Transport

Easy – Fly to the blue arrow without dying. Just keep moving forward while dodging left and right.


Easy –


Easy –


Easy –


Easy –


Easy –


Easy –


Easy -

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  1. I am trying to find out what the colored weapons mean in workshop. Sometime your cannon or other weapon icon are colored in red, blue and grey. Does anyone know why? I cannot fins it anywhere. Thanks all and have fun!.


  2. How can people get 190,000,000 points in raid missions..I try very hard with my two best plane falcon and tomcat. Any one can guid

  3. I can’t get past mission 4, level 4.I don’t have gold to buy better ships.The best one i have is the ship that comes before scorpion. Anyone help me to get gold in order to buy better ships.

  4. How to turn my fighting falcon. I saw videos and they can but i cant. I tried many time. Thanks.

  5. hey guys, I’m a beginner in Gunship battle, so I would like to ask- I have 800 gold and which can chopper is best to buy? ( I prefer Dragon ship or Chinook)

  6. How to play episode 12 part 1,”Destroy Shadow turrets “??i always found them in invincible mode.. Help

  7. How to play episode 12 part 1,”Destroy Shadow turrets “??i always found them in invincible mode.. Help

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