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Haunted Empire Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsHaunted Empire Wiki with Guides, FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Haunted Empire: Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms is a Role Playing game developed by Elex and is available for Android on Google Play only at the moment, nothing for iOS users at iTunes yet. Haunted Empire requires an internet connection to play.

This Wiki and FAQ Guide along with it’s Tips, Tricks and Cheats can be updated often depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for new and added to content. If there is something that you would like to share feel free to use the comments below.

Haunted Empire Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats

Best Character – When starting the app for the first time or choosing a new server you can start the game with one of 2 character a girl or a boy.

Dungeon – The Dungeon is where all the Chapters of stages are that can be play for rewards are are the single player campaign.  After beating all the missions on a Easy you can unlock Difficult, then Nightmare which will be the biggest test of character ability.

Up to 3 stars can be gotten on every stage in accordance with certain goals. This stars will add up and can be exchanged for ratings rewards on the Dungeon screen. Completing a chapter will er\arn big bonuses like new heroes and equipment.

Forge Equipment – Here you can Forge Equipment making it’s main stats stronger. You can only take somethings level as high as the main characters level. At lv28 you can reforge things. Horses can also by upgraded after buy one in the Legion.

Heroes – Here are the main part of this game and are need to complete stages. You can get 1 free hero 24 hours or so in the Hero Recruitment area at Home. A Hero must be equipped on the formation screen before they can be used in battle.

Hero Palace – Get heroes here for free regularly after wait many hours or purchase them with friend points. The free one can also be purchased with gold so you don’t have to wait.

Invitation Code – When starting up a new character you will have a choice to enter an Invitation Code in the Nullable section during name selection.

Jade Shop – The Jade shop is a place to buy equipment and the more you buy the higher your Jade Level increases along with the quality of items. Try to buy what you need and save your Jade for the bigger and better items. Be careful when buying as somethings are only shards and not the complete item.

Quests – Quests should be completed whenever possible for there rewards and exp. Quests are also important for moving forwards and opening up many of this apps features. Not all of them are fight and will require the player to upgrade items to a certain level or complete a specific action.

Rage Skill – Rage skills are extra damage skills that will be used during stages automatically in the order they are equipped on the Formation screen. Up to 4 Rage skills can be equipped at once though you have the option of using fewer. When fighting the Rage meter on the bottom left of the screen will fill up slowly releasing the next skill on the list when enough Rage is available. You’ll be able to see the name of whats going to be used next going up the left side by the meter globe.

VIP – You’ll have to spend real money on order to gain VIP status and the extras that come with it. The list of benefits is kinda long and can be view anytime by tapping the VIP area from the top stat display.


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