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Health Exercise Cleansing Wiki Guide Tip Trick Cheat FAQSome general and heavy hitting health information that would change your life completely if I could give everything listed here to you for free. Unfortunately, there too much stuff and miss information to go in on everything. This is a healthy rant with possibly just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Trying to live healthier is the same as living longer and can be done better than ever these days with products like the 90 Essential Nutrients that prevents all birth defects, prevents most disease and illness along with curing tons of stuff people suffer from like pain, arthritis, Alzheimer. That sad part is that it’s still legal for treatments to be used when cures are available for practically free when compared to prescriptions and doctor costs.

Check back in the future for possible updates to this Health Exercise Cleansing Wiki & Guide with Tips, Tricks, Cheats and FAQ type info. Feel free to leave any questions along with other communication in the comments below.


Health is very important and probably the most under valued thing in life along with the most longed for. With so many things in the environment that cause damage to the human body I’m surprised there isn’t some high tech breathing apparatus. I think video footage that shows aliens may be fake if the aliens aren’t wearing some kind of air purifier, waaaay off topic random thought.

There are things that can be done that can extend life expectancy dramatically like nutritional supplements, finding a good food source, water/air purifier and removing pollutants from the environment.

Here’s some health literature that can open you eyes wide open to the massive world issue of malnutrition.

  1. Joel Wallach books on Amazon, biggest list I could find. Could probably find books cheaper somewhere else like eBay. These books have a ton of health information that came out of collage research programs along with overly educated minds.


Honestly I have no clue about exercise except where to get probably the best after workout shake available to the public. It’s called Slender Fx™ Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate Fudge or French Vanilla and it has made a dramatic improvement in my life just using it without exercise. It’s loaded with possible the cleanest and healthiest ingredients that can be put into food including gmo soy glutton free and made by both the worlds leading nutritionist Dr. Joel Wallach and top fitness experts.

If your not getting the required nutrition your body needs after working out your missing out on less to none long/short term fatigue and tons of muscle building growth. The most important thing though would be life expectancy being reduced apparently by sweating it out and not replenishing it. NFL players life to be on average around 50 years old, people in the health industry blame Gatorade and Powerade for have almost zero nutrition (2-4 VitsMins, need 90) when athletes/exercisers bodies are starving for food, Rebound is suppose to be the best alternative to sports drinks.


Cleansing is a huge part of today’s society because just about everything seems to have something in it that stay with us in a negative manor. Some of the biggest toxins in the body that can be removed are heavy metals like mercury and aluminum along with radiation and fluoride.

Radiation and fluoride ride together on the periodic table of elements and are very similar in cellular structure to iodine which is a positive for the human body. By not getting a healthy source of Iodine in your diet your body will store the closer resembled radiation and fluoride instead.

Vaccines are know to have all of the above which will more than likely reduce long term IQ of individuals or cause severe damage on the spot including death. They say vaccines are to keep you from getting sick though they are practically guaranteed to make you sick right away, sounds like a poison to me. I take the 90 along with a water purifier and haven’t been sick in 5+ years. I assume it must be the Alexapure water filter cause it’s the only thing I can get my mom to use and she stopped getting sick regularly.

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse – Doing a epsom salt and extra virgin olive oil cold press cleanse will remove plastic that is built up in the gallbladder from eating foods with plastic in it. The result is painlessly removing the green or grayish marble size plastic balls out through the stool on the 6th day. The liver can repair itself back to full size and functionality from the most minute piece given the right conditions.  Eating foods that are good for the liver are just as good, watermelon is suppose to be the best because of it’s glucosamine.

Improving the condition of your liver can easily give you more energy and help loose body weight with doing much hard work. Once the liver is up and running the rest of the body starts working more like it should. They say the stomach, liver and ??? are the most important to maintain in order for the rest of the body to function properly.


In this day and age it can seem almost impossible to find out what good and what bad food. Thankfully, there is a good/bad food list that easy enough to understand along with providing more in-depth knowledge on things that are hard to understand like gluten which is basically modified proteins (GMO) that don’t digest and only scrap the digestive track reducing it’s ability to absorb nutrition.

It seems like most of the main line grocery store food is contaminated with cost cutting measure that have no regard for health or have in them intentional harm to make more money in the medical industry. BHT has recently been added to cereals and many other foods types/brands for “better shelf life” though animal studies show massive growth and death via cancer. BHT is illegal in most other countries Your best bet is to build upon good eating sources and try to cook at home as much as possible.

A golden rule for health is that most of the stuff on TV is useless to the point that it’s obvious someone doesn’t want grandma out of her wheelchair. The amount of meds they push for disease an illness with cures is ridiculous, then next they’ll have a commercial talking about class action lawsuits over people taking medication that should have never been invented.

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