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Heroes & Titans Battle Arena Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena Wiki, Guide and FAQ with Tips and Tricks along with the occasional Cheat. Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena is a Role Playing game developed by Gosu Group Limited and is only available free for Android on Google Play.

Heroes & Titans and nearly an identical clones of a few other titles that have hit the Android market in the last few months. It seems like the same people keep remaking the same game to improve on it’s features. I have to say though, in the 3 years I’ve been blogging about Android I have never seen so many remake of the same title. You can check the others out, but I’ll warn you they are outdated compared to this title. They are Rush of HeroesFinal Fable and Soul Hunters. There seem to be many more, but I can’t possible try out all of these star ranking RPG’s that are flooding the market. Seems kind of weird and just in time for 2016 Elections maybe.

This Wiki and it’s Guides, FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Cheats can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for updates and please leave any questions or helpful insight in the comments below.

Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena Wiki

Best Hero, Team, Front, Middle, Back Guide

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Beginning Head Start – When starting out your level cap will be 5 or so levels ahead of your current Lv. Using Exp Potions will keep you at the cap easy and the 60xp one are practically useless late game, you’ll have tons. This will make for some easy early 3 stars. Eventually you’ll want to save exp potion for new heroes who could be better than what you have.

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Hidden Chest – When on the main screen where you can choose to go to the various features and play there will be chests that appear. Tap the chest for all kinds of different free stuff. They can be hiding all over the place and they seem to show up after so much time has passed..

Quitting – In past title you could quite without penalty while in this one there is a small energy fee. In normal missions when quitting you’ll get back all enrgy spent to enter except 1. In Elite mode you will be charged 2 energy for quitting.

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