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Heroes & Titans Best Hero Team Front Middle Back GuideA Heroes & Titans Best Hero guide with info on Teams and Front, Middle, Back positions. For a list of everything related visit the Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena Wiki.

Please leave all your questions and help in the comments below. Check back for vast improvements based on popularity.

Heroes & Titans Best Guide

The first thing you should know is that there is a Handbook at the bottom of the right drop down menu. The Handbook will show you every base stat growth, skills and equipment. It can be very handy for planning ahead for high tier characters.

Save your gems for the 2500 pack that guarantees a hero. This is the #1 way to get new characters for free. Make sure to always get the free chests to as they can produce new units free also which is a great surprise when it happens, plus daily bonuses.

Don’t forget to make not of the Stats on the after battle reward screen. It will let you know who’s causing all the damage and who’s the weakest link. When defeated or facing hard opponents in the Arena stats can show classes that are better than your and let you focus on stronger party members.

Best Hero

The best hero in my opinion will be the fastest to max out. The major thing that will hold you back will be the shards needed to Evolve their rank to 5 stars. The faster this can be done the faster you can reach the real difficult areas for the best loot. Your gonna need more than 5 characters built up to compete in many areas of the game. Getting party members that can max out fast while working towards the uber ones will make things move much faster, after a couple of months you could have a bunch of players max evolved and have left this game in the dust.


Broot – Broot is good at damaging all enemies, healing the whole party and being the tank up front. You can get at least 10 shards per day easily doing Expeditions and using refresh, though the beating the final 15th stage can be a little tricky. Might be good to start it early in the day then come back when heroes are over leveled for the last few expeditions. Broot is quick to get and very useful early on.


Lady Ember – One of the possible starting units that can do big damage to groups and single targets. She can be build up fast with shards from the Dungeon.


Best Team

The best team will change according to the area your in. Some have special enemy buffs that grant them immunity to physical or magic attacks. It’s beset to have strong members from each of the 3 groups Strength, Agility and Intelligence, then front, middle and back.

Having many group attacks can be great for overwhelming the last wave at the start with charges skill meters. Having healers that deal damage are huge for survivability, Broot is one of them.

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