Jul 102015

Heroes & Titans Gift Code Give AwayYou can enter Heroes & Titans Gift Codes by tapping your Avatar and then Settings. Gift Code giveaways are used to gain all kinds of free stuff to give players a little boost. I have played many of these developers apps and they usually have a few codes up release and and ongoing, but not this time it seems. You can expect to see one when they mess something up though so check your Mailbox for them.

If you have any Heroes & Titans Gift Codes to share please leave them in the comments below. When they to hit the scene there can be time limited so check back in the near future for possible things that can be entered for free items. Make sure to visit the Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena Wiki for other things related.

Since the entry area is a bit hidden it might make sense that the developers don’t plan on using this feature too often. My guess is they have some just for potential investors or game tester so they can go faster through the game. They could even give them to their closest friends and family so not to waste to much time and truly enjoy the game. I wonder how many of the folks ranked high in the Arena are actually people with backdoor access.

On a lighter note apparently Ginger Root cures over 75% of cancers. Looks like you can add that to the list with Vitamin B17 for super cheap no pain cancer cures.

Heroes & Titans Gift Codes Giveaway

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When done here you might want some guidance on picking the Best Hero as the choices can seem like many. For the most part there are some real winners that Evolve fast while some will take forever to max out.

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