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Historia Best Hero Portraits Formation Gold StrategyA short post about the Historia Best Hero, Portraits, Formation, Gold and Strategy. For a full list of all related content check the Historia Wiki.

This Historia Best Hero Strategy can be updated with all kinds of stuff so check back. Leave any questions and juice info in the comments below.

Historia Best Hero Portraits Formation Gold Strategy

Attack Speed – Attack Speed is a very important stat that determine how often someone will strike in battle. Always be sure to take this into consideration when putting together a formation. Archers seem to be the fastest attackers with Dex apples enhancing it even further.

Dying – Dying is okay and is programed into the game. Eventually you’ll get a bad roll and seems to struggle through a mission. The next attempt can be much easier. If your party fails to make it to the end and defeat the boss you will loose all the chest items picked up along with silver. You’ll get to keep exp, cards and possibly portraits.

Enhance – When using the enhance feature to improve party members remember that every class has their best stat. The mag for example will get extra buffs from Int, Str and Tech, the Sta and Dex only offer one option. This can be uses to find a units strength and weakness. Try to use their main stat for the most benefit.

Formation – When putting together a party your mostly gonna be stuck with what you can find. The main things are healing, tanking and fire power. Always have a good healer, then try to place 1 or 2 good melee fighting tanks in the front. Try to build a party where everyone has group attacks for the best DPS. High single target healing is often better than the less powerful group heal, unless doubled up.

Frenzy – When the Frenzy buff is acquired from gear you will randomly hit twice when attacking. The higher the number the better the chance of landing 2 blows instead of one.

Gear – If your looking for a particular item each stage will drop a certain something. Just go to the highest level area and continue playing it over and over for stronger drops. Starting at stage 4-1o you get lv 26 purple Epic Axe, Blunt, Sword, and Plate Armor as regular drops. These are the best location to farm for equipment.

Grade – This list of heroes in the Collection is showing the minimum level they can be found as. All of them can use the Upgrade function to reach SS grade, though some are found at much higher grades like S.

Gold – You’ll get 3 gold for every first clear bonus on each stage. You can also get them for free be completing tasks for Tesia, Belle, Aira, Gechard and Berg in camp. Make sure and talk to them often for easy gold. It can be used for Improving Success rates of upgrading gear, new heroes, revive during battle, increase inventory space, buy silver and other needed items.

Obsolete Heroes – After playing awhile you should get some better heroes. This makes the ones your not using good for doing Dispatch for silver, exp and rewards. When you done with a hero and want to get ride of them talk to Tesia at camp and trade them for Exp Apples. They higher their level the more apples you’ll get. It’s a good idea to keep enough heroes on hand to deal with all the Dispatch missions that pop up. This can dramatically increase silver gain and help level up new members.

Portraits – Make sure to save high grade portraits for fast upgrading heroes. The exp gotten is much high better ranks between E, D, C, B, A, S and SS with SS being the best.

Temple – Don’t forget to enter the Temple on the Campaign menu once per day for easy rewards and free gifts.

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