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Historia Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats WalkthroughA Historia Wiki with Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats, Walkthroughs and more. Historia is a Role Playing game developed by AFFINITY and is available free download for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. This RPG has common elements that are coming out of other titles around this time. Many devs seem to be using similar features like collecting heroes and upgrading there rank, star level and D-SS grade.

This Historia Wiki along with it’s Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats and Walkthrough info can be updated regularly depending on popularity. Check back soon for more updates and added stuff. Please leave any questions of helpful insight in the comments below.

Historia Wiki

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Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats Walkthrough

Arena – The Arena is a place to test your set up against others from around the world. They are not real time battles, but computer controlled A.I. other someone else’s stats. Since the opponent is not human there can be certain weaknesses in the games decisions.

Collection – Right now there are 93 different heroes in the collection. Each on can have there grade increases to SS, though some can only be found with a higher base grade like A, S and SS.

Dispatch – This feature lets you level heroes that your not using with rewards. The better the grade and higher the level of the hero used the less time the dispatch will take. As you complete them new ones will open up that have high levels and will take more time. You can put you best guys here when planning on taking a break for an added boost to exp when continuing later. The food cost for entering is really cheap and can most always be done before breaking.

Free Portraits – Remember to visit Belle at eh Portrait Shop every 4 hours for a free hero that’s E-A grade. This is a great way to get new good party members and build up the ones you have.

Loosing – If you loose a mission just try again. Sometime rolls can be add resulting in death. A good roll will make for an easy win for rewards and so you can continue.

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