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How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders QuestIf you are wondering How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders Quest below is a step by step guide. Retiring your unused heroes is a great way to earn extra Honor points. Since you can only have some many heroes it can also be a must at times to get ride of a few. If your interested hers some info on the Best Hero and Best Team which will help you focus on who to work towards.

I was a little confused at first as how to sell heroes. When tapping the retire button it never dawned on me that I should then select the ones I wanted to get ride of. This is probably normal behavior when trying to play new games before going to bed.

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The high the level you hero is and the more star ranks they have will increase the amount of honor earn. It can be well worth it to take 1 low level character with you into a high level stage to level them up quick from 1 to 10 or whatever. This should be done before selling those that are on level 1 as they can quickly be worth a lot more.

You are not allowed to sell Leon and it might be the same for other legendary character, but I’m not sure since I have only one at the moment. Eventually your gonna be flooded with extra player a will need to get rid of many. Since there are only 6 different classes and 314 variations your only gonna need a few to beat the game. This leave many that will end up going on the the good life of relaxation and enjoyment or severe boredom.

Warning: Be extra careful when retiring cause once their gone, their gone forever. Delete the wrong ones and you could set your self back.

How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders Quest

First you want to tap the Hero button at the bottom of your screen while in Town:

Hero Menu - How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders Quest

Next tap the Retire button:

Retire Button - How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders Quest

Last, select the hero or heroes that you want to retire:

Select Heroes - How To Sell Heroes in Crusaders Quest

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