Mar 142015

Inotia 5 CheatsInotia 5 Cheats list that will be updated when the game is actually released. This post will be updated when this wonderful app hits the public. Be sure to come back in the near future for any important new stuff.

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Inotia 5 Cheats

Pre-Release Rant – Many Android apps don’t have cheat because they are free. The developers need to make cash through the in-game features and any handouts is like taking money out of their pockets. For this reason there are very few for mobile games. Inotia on the other hand has had some kind of mechanical errors in the past few titles. Whether this was done on purpose or not I’m not sure.

In Inotia 3 you could switch member when big things were chasing you. Having units with long range weapons would be able to take down target by running around while the party hurts from afar. In Inotia 4 the wizard class had a glitch. By tapping the move button after each basic attack you could negate the cooldown time and shoot 3 times as fast. This made the wizard far above all for DPS.

I’m sure the next release will have something good hidden in it for some extra fun, hopefully.

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