Mar 142015

Inotia 5 WalkthroughRight here will be an Inotia 5 Walkthrough, as soon as this things is released. So far there hasn’t been an official “No” on the matter so keep your fingers crossed.

We there is an Inotia 5 available for play come back here for a Walkthrough. Once things get started it will be updated with videos and other info to get passed hurdles and bosses.

Visit our Inotia 5 Wiki Guide for more info.

Inotia 5 Walkthrough

General Tips

Cheats – Check out the Cheats page for potential glitches or work arounds. Past Inotia title had things that could be taken advantage of. Hopefully there will be the same kind of things in the next installment.

Healing – Try to hold onto your biggest healing items for the end battles. Having them can make an imposible battle much easier to complete.

YouTube – Search Inotia 5 Walkthrough on YouTube that could be helpful, especially in difficult areas.


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