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Iron Snout Best Wiki Guide Tip Cheats WalkthroughThee Iron Snout Wiki with thee best Guides, Tips, Cheats and maybe a walkthrough, at least a video. Iron Snout is a free to Play Action Indie Fighting game that involves focus and a love of bacon or an extreme dislike for wolves. Iron Snout just came out on Steam and it’s so popular they hid it in the free section, literally they are trying to get people to play there new games that bad lol, understandable though.

Iron Snout Wiki

Best Character – Right now there is only one character available in the game and that makes him the best pig. Don’t be fooled, this little piggy has all the moves with a little extra. Big things really do come in small packages.


Controls Gamepad – YXAB for people using a pad or up, down, left, right work with a keyboard and also happens to be the cheat codes for unlimited butcher knifes.

Tips & Tricks

Rapid Tap – When in sticky situations or when surrounded by tons of foes rapidly tapping the left and right buttons can do wonders, even while in mid air. This should be done automatically in situations with lots of incoming threat as you’ll grab and throw there weapons randomly doing even more damage long and short range.

Rockets – Rockets will pass by twice in the air before swooping in on ground level for a kill shot. While rickets are in the are enemies cut be uppercut into them for a take down, this is the only way to take down enemies riding on top of rockets besides long weaponry and air kills.


A brief Iron Snout walkthrough video that shows the various ways to manipulate the environment in the early waves.

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