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Is Google Play Dead Games Made By Terrorist for Regular PeopleSTOP BEING LIKE MIKE!!! BORING!!! It seems as time moves forward people put less and less faith into the Android games scene. It’s like one person make a game and the rest try to follow charging any amount for something that is incomplete and void of gameplay at best.  You can visit Google Play (operation data theft, GO TO JAIL NOW Larry Page and friends!!!) though it seems they’ll be going out of order soon. Can I get a paycheck right now for all the information you have stolen from me? If I did accept the payment it would be illegal I would probably spend the rest of my life in prison.

Why is it so hard to make an mobile game? My guess the system is set up that way to keep a certain few people in control of the system and that would be government with tracking applications. It seems like the only good games are made by government proxy companies stealing every little bit of information in your life they can.

Imagine your little children sitting by themselves playing mobile games. Whats really going on is large companies are stealing everything from facial expression to the smallest sound. Would you let strangers in your house especially ones tied to child molestation and child trafficking with fake interracial proxy spy marriages (Mark/China & Hillary/Saudi Arabia), sure why not.

It’s been know for awhile that the gaming industry has been intentionally making games less fun to keep the herd focused on what they want as slave owners. I have to say someone thinking they own something that they for surly don’t is a really bad recipe for disaster and a serious wake up call.

In America we have these rights that say we can storm elite building and companies with law enforcement (above 80 IQ please with no guns cause their to stupid) and throw all of you in prison, probably for life. That’s because what going on isn’t just illegal it’s some of the worst perversion the world has seen. The peak of Babylon, with a large sacrifice desperately needed.

I would hate to be in  a situation where I had tons of cash and thought I was better than everyone. I would feel like a huge looser with completely detached from reality. Like the dumbest person on earth gifted with the sight of stupidity mixed in with psycho chaos. The perfect storm for the worlds highest horse retreat. WE THE PEOPLE RULE!!!!!!!! Not rich clowns. Tax payers money gone wrong, epicly.

Thankfully the rich are probably to blind to their false awesomeness to even see it coming. See what coming? Extreme poverty and starting over with reality in play. What is the truth? Rich people are a horrible example for the rest of the herd leading themselves blindly into greedville with a thirst for designer cloths and huge boats that never ends. Why does it never end? Because it’s the wrong path.

So where all the Android games? My guess is the system is set up so it’s hard to make them to keep the power in the hands of select individuals, not lets some 5 year old with passion destroy a 100 year CIA program where everything is monitored by terrorists, no longer government employees, with games that aren’t even fun to begin with just decorated with bling ching keep you hooked psychology. I would be surprised if most Google employees found themselves in prison soon.

How to be rich 101 – Shut your mouth and never speak about others doing evil deeds.

Seriously though, back in the day Android was loaded with content, but now the field seems to be emptying out. Every game that comes out is a clone of something else like the whole world is being poisoned and murdered by Walmart BHT food and your local hospital care. They are obviously trying to push gamers onto consoles that monitor everyone’s movement in a apartment building. You can make up all the fake laws you want, but in the end you’ll meet your maker.

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