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Is WiFi Poison Danger Death Weapon Population ControlMany folks these days are suffering from WiFi sensitivity. Starting 3 years ago my skin started to burn and blister when in close range to a WiFi source. Since this started so sudden I can only think that someone is using it as a weapon against me. A whistleblower that work for the British government has spilled the beans naming WiFi as a weapon and killer. He goes on to talk about how the Queen of England uses WiFi to make certain people sick and kill them.

If your not sure whether you might be targeted or having health issues from it you should turn off the router for a day or 2. Then turn it back on with some downloading action and see if the effect return. Many of the times I’m feeling rashy, burned and blistery is when I’m play any mobile game that requires an internet connection. So I have severely limited my exposure. Just having the router on and being 10-30ft away will also cause the effects. Since this just started happening around 3 years ago I would say that someone is targeting me or a plan went into effect to target many. I really cant think of any other alternative beside a bunch of rich people getting together to hurt others for profit. After all, WiFi is the same thing that cooks your food in a microwave oven.

The biggest threat is to children because their bones are weak and their immune systems hasn’t developed yet. This makes them have no immunity to WiFi letting it destroy their DNA among others things.

When you look at the unbelievable amount of crimes committed by the FDA each day with medications and “legal” murder it easy to see there is a market for hurting others. Most disease and sickness is cured with the 90 Essential Nutrients by Dr. Joel Wallach, but the US government and the FDA will do everything to keep that knowledge from you. Why? Cause there making a ton of cash and reducing population at the same time. Which also violates the very laws of nature itself making them a huge target for Gods wrath. The average age of a doctor is around 52 years old so you could say there is a action reaction taking place.

Whens the last time you looked for a cure on Google? They are there, but never in the first search result. That spot is reserved for lying treatments using man made chemicals that all have a side effect of death. That spot is reserved for money$$$, not the truth which Google pretends to put forth. You have to look further down in the search results for the truth. Cure for Cancer and CancerTutor.com are a perfect example.

There are things you can use to protect your self like aluminum and Electromagnetic Field Shielding Fabrics. If you suffer from WiFi stop using and find an alternative like cable. There has been very little information released to the public about WiFi which makes it almost certain that there something not right here. The CIA is probably having a hey day targeting people with satellites and smart phones putting sickness rates through the roof and don’t wont to give up their secret kill machine.

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