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King of Thieves WalkthroughKing of Thieves Walkthrough for the mobile strategy game which is available for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. Click the links below to view a YouTube video walkthrough for most levels in the game.

Feel Free to leave any tips or questions in the comments below. This walkthrough will be updated a few more time in the near future so check back for some new stuff.

For more related info visit our King of Thieves Wiki Guide.

General Tips

Gems – Combine the same gems for bonus beside an increased number rank. Also don’t forget to check the world map for free gems that appear at several locations.

Later Levels – After a short time the levels will become difficult with many blades, moving objects and shooting things. Though the walkthrough videos below can give you the answers it’s good to know that most of them are setup for constant motion. If you start at the right time everything should fall into place as you move through. Try to keep something that you can gauge your movements on like a bullets position. If you fail hard pay attention to that bullet and start a little sooner or later. This will eventually lead you to finding the sweet spot and completing it with 3 stars.

Locks – Locks are on the doors to every stage. You’ll have to use keys that regenerate over time to open the right one. Often you will pick the wrong keyhole which will use a key a make you try again. Simetime picking the wrong one will give you a rewards that shows behind the lock.

King of Thieves Walkthrough – 3 Stars

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20
Level 21
Level 22
Level 23
Level 24
Level 25
Level 26
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29
Level 30
Level 31
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34
Level 35
Level 36
Level 37
Level 38
Level 39
Level 40
Level 41
Level 42
Level 43
Level 44
Level 45
Level 46
Level 47
Level 48
Level 49
Level 50
Level 51
Level 52
Level 53
Level 54
Level 55
Level 56
Level 57
Level 58
Level 59
Level 60
Level 61
Level 62
Level 63
Level 64
Level 65
Level 66
Level 67
Level 68
Level 69
Level 70
Level 71
Level 72
Level 73
Level 74
Level 75
Level 76
Level 77
Level 78
Level 79
Level 80

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  1. Keyhole no. Of all levels tell me the at what keyhole the gate opens and I use that keyhole for unlocking the gate this will save my keys I am at level 45

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