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King of Thieves Wiki GuideA King of Thieves Wiki with Guides and a growing database of knowledge. King of Thieves is a Strategy game developed by ZeptoLab and is available for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

Check back int he near future as this Wiki along with it’s guides can be updated daily depending on popularity. If there is something that you would like to share that could help others or just a question feel free to mention it in the comments below. This Wiki and it’s Guides is not like the official Wikia where anyone can edit it. You can leave helpful info in the comments though.

King of Thieves Wiki Guide

Best Defense

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King of Thieves is about trying to get past certain defenses in order to get some treasure. There’s over 80 level that can be completed in the story mission for various treasures. Your graded on each one from 1 to 3 stars depending on how much life you have left upon completion. As you move forward in the story thing will get more than increasingly difficult.

Lots of multiplayer action as you try to get past other players defenses in order to steal their gems. Players can defend their own turf by placing rotating blades, guns and lot of other deterrent in an attempt to stop others from stealing your gems. When placing defensive obstacles you’ll have to get past it 3 times in a row before it will take effect.

Combine Gems to make even bigger one and climb the ranks for prizes. Each Gems has a number attached to it and when you combine them on totems it will increase by a lot moving the player up the ranks. Choose from multiple outfits that will boost your stats in various areas from health to amount of gold stolen from others.

Multiple things can be upgraded in your fort to help out in different areas. Gold will be accumulated passively even when off line for growth without play. The max amount can be increases so that more can be built up or stolen by others when they raid your fort.

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