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Lara Croft Relic Run Strategy Guide Tips TricksA short Lara Croft: Relic Run Strategy Guide with Tips and Tricks. This app is pretty awesome and it’s about time someone put a good twist on the Temple Run mechanics.

This Lara Croft: Relic Run Strategy Guide and list of Tips and Tricks can be updated and improved depending on popularity. Check back for bigger and better things in the future. For even more info visit the Lara Croft Relic Run Wiki.

Lara Croft: Relic Run Strategy Guide Tips Tricks

Firsts Steps – This very first things you should improve are Pistols 350g, Powerups 1,085g, Coin Trials 1,750g and Clue Booster 1,085g. These will have the biggest impact on speeding up the game progression and are cheap for starting out. There are other things that are pretty cheap and can be improves as well. The further you get the better you will do, taking breaks can dramatically improve performance. Coins Trials will be the most important for maxing everything out as you’ll gain coin faster.

Hidden Relics – You can find Relics hidden in dark location during a run. Though they can be tricky to see in time they will speed up the completion and opening of different locations.

  • Jungle Temple – I usually see them just after leafy areas where I would need to jump.
  • Desert Ruins -
  • Mountain Pass -

Outfits – Each new outfit has it’s ow unique bonuses. Stealth Suit is good for reducing damage from enemy fire. Bomber Pilot will speed up the completion of Relic findings. Biker is used to get the highest score possible with making vehicle rides long and profitable, can you say level 2.

Weapons – At first your gonna want to upgrade your pistol once or twice. This will make a big difference with performance in the Jungle Temple. Your then gonna want to just save up for the Assault Rifle. You’ll get max damage when fully upgraded and the starting stats a good to when compared to Pistols. The other weapons are all great for certain situations like the Grenade Launcher.

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  14 Responses to “Lara Croft Relic Run Strategy Guide Tips Tricks”

  1. I’v been playing this game for only a couple days and I think I’m not that bad at it. I decided I would pay some extra iTunes money I had on the game so I spent $3 on gems or diamonds or whatever they are I’m not actually sure to get 300 of them. I ended up buying the Stealth Suit because I feel it’s the best of the four suits available (+base score and -% enemy accuracy) I also did the final upgrade for my Dual Pistols which you can’t pay for with the coins or the other currency. I would suggest people do the same with their gems. I would also like to point out that the Coin Trails upgrade is the main priority. It defiantly makes a big impact if you can get far into the run giving you possibly an extra couple thousand coins! I have unlocked Desert Ruins just by finding 15 relics and it’s a lot of fun! It’s defiantly a little more challenging than Jungle Temple just because you have to adapt to using a motorcycle, all the new traps, and just the new running obstacles. I suggest that people don’t buy this with 500 gems! It’s a total waste. Just work on finding 15 relics and soon enough you’ll be here. As for weapons I haven’t actually done much besides fully upgrading my dual pistols. I have bought and upgraded the crossbow all the way until its gem upgrade and I would say it’s really not that great. I’ll defiantly work on buying the Assault Rifle soon enough as I finish all my basic upgrades. I only need to upgrade powerups twice more until all my upgrades are fully upgraded. I’ve just been upgrading the upgrades in order because having fully upgrades dual pistols actually helps a lot. If I were to go in a certain order to maximize benefit I would upgrade like this:
    1. Coin Trails
    2. Coin Magnet
    3. Powerups
    4. Ammo Cache
    5. Clue Booster
    You may want to upgrade ammo cache soon if your pistols aren’t great and you are struggling against fighting enemies but that is just what I would do. As for fighting the T-Rex in the jungle I really haven’t done that well. Using the pistols just doesn’t do it even when they’re fully upgraded. Using the crossbow I’ve been able to get him down to where his health bar is flashing red but I’ve never killed him in once instance. I’ve had to run more and come back to him in the same run just to finish him off. I feel like buying the Assault Rifle will help with this a lot though. Well that is it from me! I hope I could of helped some people with the information I’ve gained from playing. Talk to you later :)

  2. Waiting for mountain pass

  3. How do you change guns?
    I have upgraded them all but seem to be stuck on the rifle!

    • You have bagpack before you start your run in youright corner. From there you can choose your weapons

  4. Has anyone achieved the desert ruins achievement Kobold Conquered? What are the 9 desert traps?

  5. How do I defeat T-Rex. Finding it difficult to defeat it. It grabs me away. Please, do I have to slide and dodge to continue to shoot it. Help me out on the strategies to defeat it.

    • There are different attacks but if the T-Rex is grabbing you away it is one of these:
      – If the T-Rex “burst” in the middle of the path and runs right a you, you need to change “lane” (ie one of the 3 lanes if you know what I mean).
      – If the T-Rex opens its mouth and roars in the middle of the path, you need to slide down (at about the time when the mouth opens).
      – If it is grabbing you while you are shooting at it, ie the red circle appears: It is critical that you shoot it enough times when the red circle is up so that the circle goes black. If you dont, the T-Rex wins that round and grabs you. So the trick here is to make sure you do not shoot all your ammos too early as otherwise you will run out of ammo during the red circle time. Re-loading will take too long and you will not get enough time to fire another shot.

  6. In Level 24, how do I go past that falling tree trunk. The place where you are on a quad bike riding in the muddy patch and that animal pulls down a tree trunk to take you down. I am stuck there. Somebody please help.

  7. What should I do when the tree is cut and comes rolling in the jungle while riding quad bike

  8. I can’t find any bagpack to change my weapon after equipping it please help

  9. Know nobody’s posted here for a while , but I hope someone picks it up; I’m really enjoying this game but I have a few issues and I can’t find the answers anywhere.

    When on the quadbike in the jungle and you can see the monster shooting an arrow so a massive treetrunk falls down, I can’t get past it no matter which way I try. She jut ends up slamming into it.How do you get past it?

    I’ve never actually had any of those daily packs which I’ve read somewhere you should get

    Last question; When I shoot out the ammo crates nothing happen? So far I’ve got the crossbow and shotgun, but the amount of ammo stays the same?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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