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Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesSome of you may be wondering who Luke Skywalker is while the people who already know are wondering why is he holding a rifle? After a quick mental recap I’m not remembering too much rifle action throughout the series. Then it dawns on me, this is a US made game who is also under what seems to be a Paul Revere 2.0 British are coming again times everybody kinda situation, 1776? The rifle is probably symbolism for freedom from tyrannical greed monster out of control government, we the people. I could be wrong though, very likely.

The main issue with Skywalker is lack of abilities when it comes to guarantees. Though crit chance will go up your still rolling the dice when it comes to those do or die moments. I was sure that he would be equals with Darth Vader and his strong dark side, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d like to see a one on one match.

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Attacks & Abilities – Luke Skywalker (Light)

Frontier Marksmanship (Basic) – Physical damage to single target with DOT 3 turns on critical.

Bullseye – Physical damage to single target with 1 turn Stun on critical.

A New Hope (Leader) – Allies 15%  Tenacity.

Draw a Bead (Unique) – 20% chance for critical up start of each turn.

If you found this lineup to be lacking or are just in the market for something else we have a lovely post behind door #2 called Best Characters & Team, I do hope you enjoy, batteries not included.




No Lightsaber

A rifle


5o Shards will be needed to unlock this unit and an indicator that there are better ones out there, specifically the ones that cost the most to get.

Squad Cantina Battle – Battle B (N), Battle A (N)

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  1. Does Lulu Skywalker ever get a lightsaber?

  2. You’re wrong, It is pre-jedi Luke. In the beginning of A New Hope he has the rifle on his speeder, He was also proficient at hitting wamp rats from long distances and they are only about 2 meters. Nothing Paul Revere about it but I liked the idea of it.

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