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Luminara Unduli - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesLuminara Unduli is a valuable Light Side healer in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Getting her early can be a big boost to survivability with extra healing and recovery. When trying for a full party of Jedi this little lady is nice to have in the deck for high DPS enemy situations, though other tactics could work just as good or better.

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Attacks & Abilities (Light Side)

Flow of the Force (Basic) –  Physical damage with chance of increased evasion. A good basic move that can help with taking less damage due to evasion buff.

Force Blast (Special) – Physical damage with high chance to cause ability block. A very usful skill for holding back enemy attack. Works really good in situations with party healers and and hard hitting bad guys, specifically group attacks that could wipe out a few members.

Master Healer’s Blessing (Special) – All allies recover a large amount of HP with and additional heal at the start of their next turn. This is a huge healing skill that will keep the party going in tight situations. Add in multiple other healers and it will be hard to take down everyone.

Elegant Steps (Leader) – This passive ability will only work if Luminara Unduli is in the party lead position that is chosen before entering battle. Jedi allies get increased evasion and restore HP at the start of each turn based on Luminara’s HP, non-Jedi’s gain half of all effects.

If your not sure on who to choose or work towards here’s a Best Character Guide that can help shed some light on things and get you and the right track.


The earliest place to get Luminara Unduli shards besides Cards would be 2-EHard, then 3-D Hard and 6-A Hard. When Galactic War opens up you can also find her shards in the shipments area.


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