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Magic Rush Heroes Academy Alters Kingdom Iron Crystal Silver MedicineMagic Rush Heroes Academy is a place to earn resources passively while the game is both on and off. Inside the Academy you’ll find the Kingdom and 4 different Alters along with 5 different permanent stat upgrades on the bottom including HP, AD Attack Damage, AR Armor, AP Ability Power and MR Magic Resistance.

You can tap the “?” in the upper left hand corner for a nice look at how many resources are being product an hour. Scrolling down will reveal a help section that can give a heads up as what to expect when moving forward. The worst thing being that others can take resources that can’t be protected.

Cooldown plays a big roll as you can’t build when it’s over the 8 hour mark. Kingdom will increase this waiting period the most so keep this in mind when upgrading the different alters as they should be maxed out as soon as the Kingdom is increased.

The whole point of this area is to earn resources that are spent on earning more resources and permanent stat upgrades. Check the Magic Rush Heroes Wiki for all game related info on this domain.

Academy Alters

Kingdom – Takes the longest to improve and will raise the amount of protected goods when players attack. This must be upgraded before the other alters can be increased. When this reaches level 40 new permanent stat upgrades will be unlock which can be seen early be scroll the bottom stats upgrades left.

Resources – Each of these will be responsible for upgrading various alters and stats in the Academy. Some things will only be used for certain upgrades though everything will be need in the end so mise well max everything along the way. It’s a good idea to spend these when you have the chance so the don’t get plundered by other players.

  • Iron
  • Crystal
  • Silver
  • Medicine

Permanent Stat Upgrades

These will increase the stat for every party member that is available so everything applies to everyone. These are a must have for making a party as strong as possible and really the whole point of the Academy. When the Kingdom reaches level 40 you can slid this tot he left which reveals higher tier stat improvements.

If your having a hard time choosing which is more of a priority over another I would say Defense, HP, then Offense. Defense and HP are universal for all damage class types and will help everything survive in battle. DPS can also be a hard thing to part with too so it looks like it comes down to play style.

These are the second most timely thing to increase so keep that in mind when planning an upgrade session. For the most part things are pretty straight forward with there not being too many options to choose from and time/waiting being the biggest pain.

HP – Raise the max health for everyone that is opened up. Though it may seem like a little trickle of health every small amount will make the difference in the long run. Things will start to add up quickly and you’ll know when things pay off during those almost died moments.

AD (Attack Damage) – Increases the damage of physical attacks and skills. This does not apply to magic users skills making a physical attacker the best to benefit from this buff. DPS is a huge factor and this is a must have when it come to the higher stages. This may not be your focus though if working towards a magic attack party for some reason.

AR (Armor) – Take less physical damage from enemies. Will not reduce damage from magic attackers. A good all around skill that helps the whole party stick around for longer. If your not sure what to choose have more defense is a win win.

AP (Ability Power) – Increases the damage of magic attacks and skills. This does not apply to physical users skills making a magic attacker the best to benefit from this buff. If your working with more Mages in your party this may be more of a focus than the physical variant.

MR (Magic Resistance) – Take less damage from magic attacks and possible reduce the chances of suffering a status effect. This will be really nice to have as some enemies just hit hard and sometimes it’s magical. Any defense is good defense.

If your new or just not sure this Best Heroes & Classes guide with polls can help set ya in the right direction. Please feel free to vote if you have something that’s working good or if your pretty sure you have it figured out, that would be the ideal situation for a monkey see monkey do learning system blog thing.

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