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Magic Rush Heroes Best Heroes Tank Support Marksman Mage CannonA growing Magic Rush Heroes Best Heroes guide with tips and tricks. There are 5 classes: Tank, Support, Marksman, Mage and Cannon. Each one has it’s specific uses in what to expect and your almost always going to need a tank up front. Every hero as 1 active and 3 passive skills.

You can find and in game FAQ with all kinds of information by tapping the arrow on the bottom right of your Avatar, then tapping FAQ. If you look around you can find what your looking for like class description and help with various features. Some parts are empty when it comes to insight probably to boost revenue.

Check the Magic Rush Heroes Wiki for all game related info on this domain.


A tank will take lots of damage and HP loss before falling in battle. These will automatically be place at the front of the line when entering a fight. You will need to have at least one of these or your party will more than likely be torn apart by the other classes which are not built for taking heavy damage. In the beginning you’ll only have Seeley and keeping her built up will keep the party living longer.

Later on having 2 or more tank can make a party hard to take down. These things are built to last and when they go down you see everyone else waving goodbye as well. There is a lot to choose from in the tank class, but in the beginning you’ll be stuck with a few if your lucky.


At least one support is often necessary for heeling or causing various status effects to the enemy. Aurai is the first support class acquired and is a pretty good healer at that. For much of the early game Aurai will be the only support playable with there only being 5 total. Some areas of the game will not allow a support class to enter like some boss battles.


Marksman have medium to low defense, but hit harder than almost everything else according to in-game FAQ. Some of them tend to focus on single targets which may add more damage in the long run making group take downs slow and more dangerous.


A Mage deals magic damage with skills and attacks which some enemies seem to be weak against. Many of them have multi target area damage that helps with crowd control. Looks like they may have lest defense and more power than some Marksman, but that fits the mage character profile for almost every RPG.


Cannon usually focuses on group attacks and is optimal for crowd control. When it comes to DPS these guys are the ones dealing the most damage in group situation. The only down side is there are only 5 available making them a desirable asset.

This class is extra helpful during tower defense where hitting multiple targets at once can clear the field much easier. This class will make easy work of most tower defenses due to there passive area splash damage thgouh more expensive to upgrade it’s worth every penny.

Obtaining Characters

The hardest part early on will be finding new characters to play with. You best chance is to farm the Arena and new stage completion crystal bonuses and get the first time buyer 2 and 3 star heroes in the Wishing Pool.

For the most part DPS is the main goal with everything attacking groups a must have skill. You can look up the skills for each character, tap on the moves and see what they do whether it’s single or multi target attacking or something completely else. Some units are just not worth the effort while the most expensive and longer to save for seem over powered. Because of the VIP system the advantage is definitely given to the paying customer.

Magic Rush Heroes Best Heroes & Class Polls

Below are a couple polls so folks might get a better idea of what they should be working towards. For the most part these things end up being pretty accurate until an update where adding a new hero makes it look horrible with immediate low votes. The best part is these polls help me more than anything when I’m trying to max my potential in an android slow ride game type.

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