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Magic Rush Heroes Walkthrough & GuideA Magic Rush Heroes Walkthrough & Guide with tips on where to go and how to move up fast. For the most part there is a lot to keep a person busy with for a mobile title. This app seems to be a combination of just about every mobile game type that has existed which makes it hard to get bored with it. The one and only major flaw would be the pay only VIP that needs real money to grow.

Magic Rush has many different areas and each should be fully understood as much as possible when unlock to maximize growth and benefits. This can be a tiresome task as every new features seems like a different game or at least some of them have enough depth to keep a person bust for awhile.

Check the Magic Rush Heroes Wiki for all game related info on this domain.

Magic Rush Heroes Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

Academy – When the Academy opens up your gonna want to keep this thing moving as it offers passive buffs for every unit in battle always. Besides increasing stats for all characters you will need to increase the production of different resources including Iron, Crystal (different than paid currency), Silver and Medicine. These resources are needed other places in the game like upgrading an Alliance

Alliance Lv13 – Join or create an Alliance right away fro the carious benefits including a store and unit buffs. If you join make sure to contribute each day or you’ll probably get kicked unless your a high level. Joining someone else can be a lot easier and much less responsibility though you will have zero control over how things operate.

Arena Lv10 – This is one of the first places to unlock and is very good for earning crystals early. The Arena Shop has S’stones for several characters along with some higher tier runes for unit advances that can get pretty expensive.

When refreshing the opponents list keep in mind the players attack power and rank. The highest ranked player will always be on the left, but can often be the hardest to defeat so keep on eye on power. When defeating someone you will take their rank and any new headway will offer a reward in crystals sent to the Mailbox.

The only down side to Arena fights is they are locked in auto so fighting is done without any control besides speed.  Watching opponents in the arena can help find the overpowered units your missing out on when an obvious win turns out to be a defeat. Some heroes are just way better than the rest and games like these usually have a best of the best group though often more difficult to obtain.

Campaign – The Campaign consists of 3 difficulties Normal, Elite, Legends and 2 game types RPG battles and tower defense. Elite and Legend will cost 12 stamina each run while Normal costs 5 and the tower defense stages are free to play which is a nice touch.

Levy exp is gained passively and the rate is increases by completing tower defense stages. This can be used to generate large amounts of exp that will build a party up faster. Keep track of your stars counts as rewards are earned after collecting so many, though they wont be a super boost every little bit matters.

First time completions will offer the biggest troop exp reward along with crystals and are something to aim for. Once a stage has been completed with 3 stars the Sweep function can be used to replay it instantly without needing to actually enter the stage and push a bunch of buttons. Unlike many other mobile apps, sweeps are unlimited and no other item is needed for the farming shortcut speedup tactic technique.

Crystals – Crystals are the payed source of income that can be earned for free from many different game features. The best way in the start is to pound the Arena making sure to climb the ranks and collect the rewards from your Mailbox. The next best thing is first time completions for all stages in the Campaign.

Besides speeding up various aspects of Magic Rush Heroes using crystals for stamina refills is a must. This will increase the amount of playtime and add a nice boost to the leveling process.

Crystal Dungeon Lv22 – One of the few places to earn equipment for added bonus to character stats, you’ll need to get multiple pieces before they can be combined into a whole item. Every 5 stages completed will cough up a rewards which may or may not be what your looking for.

Enemies can be selected prior to entering battle to view different strengths and weaknesses along with a  description. These can be helpful for taking full advantage of an enemy as some have defenses hard to get through when using wrong damage type.

Heroes – As the game moves forward you’ll eventually get a large amount of units, but it will take off a little slow in the beginning. For a couple quick characters save up crystals for the Wishing Pool and get the first time buy 2 and 3 star heroes. These can be gotten on the first or second day of play and have a chance of dishing out some high level players. To earn crystals early do good in the arena and move forward for first time completion bonuses. More info here on the Best Heroes & Classes along with some polls.

Be aware of the different classes which include Tank, Marksman, Mage, Support and Cannon. Each one has it’s own benefits and with the many variations of play types thinking outside the box might do ya good, like max DPS low defense strategies against those matches where time is a factor.

Tank – A must have for most fights to hold back the enemy wave and protect all other classes. Having more than one tank up front can help with longevity. Using tanks in tower defense will produce a group of fighters on the path that hold so many enemies from going forward, multiple of these in location can make one life elite stages more relaxing with a greater amount of enemies being held back. Watch out for spider as the lay pools of poison on the ground damaging these units heavily.

Marksman – Tends to focus more on single targets with higher DPS, though they can have AoE’s. There a many to choose from with each having there own play style in TD. CHeck stats to be sure of focus as some are geared more towards support while so

Mage – Same as a marksman, but seems to follow the old school rule of mages being squishier and dying easier than other characters. Usually has 1 or 2 AoE’s along with strong basic attacks.

Support – Healers with extra party buffs to give the team and advantage. Like all classes it’s good to have a strong backup for certain areas where party members get KO’d and you can fly in new one right away. Sometime too much healing is an unfair advantage especially since Support can hit targets with high HP loss.

Cannon – Has group attacks and AoE’s. Hits multiple targets with regular hits in TD making them ideal for crowd control. These seem to be harder to get than other classes and probably for good reason. My Watson has been essential in taking down tons of opponents and he was free from the start.

Island Crusade Lv30 – A place to earn gold and purchase various items from the shop including a few different heroes that may be of interest. Everything seems pretty easy up until the final couple flags where the party will probably start dying. If you have enough units available that are build up completing the last stages might be a doable task. You’ll only have a limited amount of try so make sure to hit them hard with everything you’ve got. HP will stay the same so any damage caused to enemies and friendlies will be remembered the next time entering a fight.

Proving Grounds Lv15 – This is a great location to get some free goodies. Rewards are specific to day and there is a limited chances per day. Players can gain very large amount of Gold, Hero Exp, and high tier runes here. The difficulty level can be pretty tough with limitations coming from lack of DPS and running out of time. Solution could include using a party with more attack like leaving the healers at home.

Troop Experience – This is the main type of exp that will unlock new features and raise the cap on various things like hero levels and stamina limits. The faster troop exp can be earn the quicker the game can be completed and for this reason supply’s are limited.

The best place for troop exp is the first completion bonuses for any difficultly moving forward and the To Do list. The To Do list also has passive earners and objectives like increasing a heroes level. These can be exploited to raise the main player level higher faster. Make sure to refill stamina with crystals at least once a day if you can afford it.

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