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Magic Rush Heroes Wiki Guide Tip Cheats WalkthroughA Magic Rush Heroes Wiki and Guide with updated Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and more. Magic Rush Heroes is a RPG Tower Defense game free for download on Android at Google Play and iOS on iTunes with combinations of many other popular mobile games. This game is a must play as it has a refreshing new style of gameplay with easier controls for daily activities.

This Magic Rush Heroes Wiki & Guide will be updated regularly so check back often for more Tip and Tricks, Cheats and Walkthrough info.

Magic Rush Heroes Wiki & Guide


  • Abyss Treasure Lv40
  • Alliance Lv13
  • Arena Lv10
  • Campaign
  • City Wall Lv25
  • Crystal Dungeon Lv22
  • Equipment Forge Lv35
  • Event
  • Exit City Lv25
  • Island Crusade Lv30
  • Ladder Tourney Lv50
  • Mailbox
  • Market Lv12
  • Proving Grounds Lv15
  • Ranking Lv10
  • Watch Tower Lv25
  • Wishing Pool

Tips & Tricks

CD Key –  CD Key is a 9 digit code that offers a free reward. They can be found from social media, developer gifts, winning events, finding bugs and things like promotions in other games.

  • CQ2DQL00S

Early 2 & 3 Star Hero – When you save up 258 Bedivere S’stones they can be spent in the Wishing Well Diamonds area for a guaranteed 2 Star hero on the first buy. After making the 258 purchase, the 2064 x8 will guarantee a 3 Star party member, plus you might get someone else good on the 8 rolls. Best way to get diamonds in the beginning is Arena advancements, then check mailbox for reward.

Experience – You can find large amount of exp for heroes by completing trials in the Proving Grounds.

Free Diamonds – Shake Christmas Tree to the left in the main area.

Server Time & World Clock – You can view the different reset times for various game features by tapping the Server Time clock date in the main area bottom left chat window. Scroll down for even more things that have time restrictions.

Troop Level – Troop level is the main level which determines when new areas will unlock. This will be one of the biggest factors for not being able to move forward in the game. The To Do list is a great way to speed up the leveling process as there are recompletable task at the bottom. Each TO Do task completed offers points that go towards earning a chest on the bottom, the more points the bigger the chest rewards and more Troop Exp earned. One of the best to complete is leveling up a character for 2 points, a few new characters and some exp boosters can make the meter increase fast..

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